Friday, 15 May 2015

The marsh mallow story

Marshmallows from Ringling College of Art + Design on Vimeo.

On a dark starless night a little boy named Jimmy  was camping in a small clearing in the middle of a forest. He was roasting his marshmallows on a sizzling fire. The lake was lapping  gently on the shore.

Jimmy heard something behind him he looked back and there was a big monster. It had sharp teeth and a long tail with scary eyes sharp paws and it was green with spikes on his head.

Trying to defend himself Jimmy pulled out his stick with his roasted marshmallow on. Suddenly the monster snached the marshmallow off the stick. He did dog tricks to get a second one  and even ate it off Jimmy's hand before Jimmy blinked.

When Jimmy put his hand in the bag he realized it is  the last one. He gulped. Cautiously Jimmy slowly held out his hand and then the monster slurped the last marshmallow off. The monster nearly gobbled up Jimmy’s whole arm.

Waiting expectantly the monster looked  at Jimmy. “Oh no what's gonna happen,” Jimmy thought. Then the monster reverted into a scary monster because Jimmy ran out of marshmallows. Jimmy ran to the tent and found a pillow and put it in front of him then the monster transformed back into a nice monster because he thought it was the biggest marshmallow in the world.

The monster roasted his marshmallow on the sizzling fire the pillow turned into ashes he was sad.

Friday, 1 May 2015

My Holiday

In the holiday I went swimming lessons at the panmure ymca. I moved up a level to number 4. I slept at my aunt's house and played halo on my uncles xbox. Then I played on my aunt's ipad and I played with my uncle little brother name Pj he is my uncle inlor. At night i watched the hunger games then i fell asleep. Then in the morning i had breakfast and went back to swimming lessons.

Dawn parade

At the Auckland museum Dawn parade there were thousands of people gathered together to remember the soldiers who died for us. There were old soldiers with badges on their  jackets. There was soldiers on the steps at the museum they were standing still and didn't move .