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Hi Fans this will be my last blog post at my school. Also Happy early Christmas because it is my holidays coming up and I will try my best to do some more blogging at home in the holidays. BYE FANS I WILL MISS YOU.

Ash the Christmas Tree's HOLIDAY.

WALT: Merry Christmas
Ash lived in a shed until Christmas came. His family pulled him out but with no decorations. He was lonely because the family has gone. He heard  a car “it must be them he said”.  His family had decorations a put them on him. 2 o'clock in the morning Ash sneaked out and ran away because he was bored.

That day it was cold snowing Ash couldn’t feel a thing because he was just a tree. Until he started to have a holiday. He was walking in the cold with a Santa hat. On Christmas eve Ash saw a flying deer with a bright red nose and leading behind them Ash saw a big shiny red sled with boxes in it and in the front seat he saw a person and he looked closely and he couldn’t believe it because he saw SANTA! It was silent until he heard “HO HO HO merry Christmas everyone” yelled Santa.

Ash's eyes sparkled like crystals it was magnificent to see Santa. “Excuse me SANTA can I have a ride with you and help please” YELLED ASH! “MEET me on the top of the sky tower” said santa. “Oh YES YES I WILL BE THERE SOON” ASH replied. “Bye see you there” said Santa “Oh yes you to” said Ash. Ash ran into the elevator and he was on the 3rd level he went up the stair to get on the top. He was there Santa. “Oh come in hop in I do need some help” said Santa.

Ash was in Santa said “let’s go to the north pole I will show you around” said Santa. Ash couldn’t speak he was excited and he was even frozen until they got to the north pole. Ash saw a circle around Santa's sled and a ipad on a stand. Santa pushed this red button and said “OPEN UP” said Santa. “Stay in the sled tree” said Santa. “Oh my name is Ash by the way” said Ash while he was going down. Santa jumped in one spot and he got sucked down a tube it was extremely fast.

“WOW” said Ash while going down in the sled. He got to the bottom and just saw a bunch of elves wrapping presents making presents getting present all sort of stuff. Ash's eyes sparkled like crystals it was magnificent he was so surprised and he never knew Santa Claus and elves were real be cause normally in Christmas eve he is asleep and he thinks that family’s  buy presents for each other. But no he was wrong. “Oh Ash can you be my Christmas tree helper please I need you” said Santa.

Now that Ash saw Santa properly because he was frozen on their way to the north pole anyway he saw Santa's big thick white beard Santa's hat Santa's buckle with SC that stands for Santa Claus. “Wow” said Ash. “Hi Welcome to the north pole why don’t I show you around” said one of the elves. “My name is Creek I love Christmas because you get really cool presents from Santa everyone get’s a present in the world” Creek said. “What about you” Creek said to Ash. “Oh my name is Ash and because I am a Christmas tree I love watching people opening presents” Ash says.

As they were walking down the hallway Ash saw big present’s and they were like a kayak with a paddle and a few go karts and Ash said “can I get a present on Christmas day”. “Oh yeah sure I will tell Santa” said Creek. “Tell me 5 things you would like” Creek said. “What I only want 1” Ash said. “Oh no we will just choose one out of those five so you won’t know OK” said Creek “OHHHHH OK” replied Ash. “So tell me what you would like” said Creek. “Ummmmmmm” Ash said. “Oh we don’t have anything called ummmmmmm” Creek said “No I am thinking” said Ash. “Oh I know what about a go kart that is one and a ipad with ipad case and a laptop please” Ash said.

The next day Ash opened his eyes seeing a steering wheel 4 wheels on the ground and a seat. He opened his eyes wider to see what was he actually seeing. His eyes were opened wider and he saw a GO KART and he hoped in it and drove it away. Ash was never to be seen again.

Task Description: I wrote a Christmas story it is about a Christmas tree seeing Santa and his name is Ash. Ash is also having a holiday he went to the north pole why don't you go with him. He is having a lot of fun I suggest you see what he is up to.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Monday, 14 November 2016

Hydrophobic Hydrophilic

Walt: to synthesise information across multiple texts
Task Description: I explained what Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic does inside the washing machine. 

Friday, 28 October 2016

Into The Deepest Under Ground Cave.

Walt: write a narrative Walt: demonstrate understanding of a number of strategies and skills for writing

 Two men name Andrew and Jackson are on a extreme adventure inside a cave. They both ran down the little hill that takes you underground there was a hole for them to go through it took them deeper and deeper. Andrew was so excited because it is his first time going on adventure but when Jackson was a little boy him and his dad use to go on fun adventures. They always would take a weapon to protect them from a bear or something. But Andrew also loves science and he is really good like Mr Bax.

 The next day they got up really early and Andrew found a rock looking like a shoe it was a funny looking boot he kept it inside his camping bag. They kept moving it just got darker and darker. Jackson said “lucky I brought torches for us”. Andrew said “oh we should have a break or even go back it is a little too dark”. “Oh yeah we have been walking for long as aye” said Jackson. “ Yeah wait which way did we come from” said Andrew. “Umm I think this way i’m pretty shore this way” said Jackson. “I agree” said Andrew “let’s go then said” Jackson. Suddenly all was there was a wall Andrew and Jackson turned around until.

 Andrew remembered that he has been making marks so they know there way back out. The ran the other way and to where they slept. Andrew and Jackson were puffing they did run fast but not as fast as Usain Bolt. “Look over there it is one of the marks you did” said Jackson. They both followed each mark but it was night because it say on Jackson’s i phone the weather app. They went to sleep woke up again and found there way out. “I’m not going in there again” said Andrew “me to” said Jackson and they walked home.

Task Description: This is my writing called into the deepest under ground cave. My class did this together. We all picked something to do with going inside a cave. We all did something different. 

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Olympics Day.

Today we had Olympics and it was all about fun. The first game we played was soccer. My team was called Ireland A my team was mixed up with yr 5,6,7 and 8’s. We lost our first game but we still carried on and tried best but we did win a couple of our games on soccer we also versed Ireland B. Our 2nd game we played volleyball the game that you have to hit the ball over the net and it is not supposed to hit the ground. I had fun and after playing all of our games we got told who won in 1st place was Fiji in 2nd place was Brazil and in 3rd place was South Africa then Ireland YEAH!!! After that we just went class and relaxed it was super fun.
Task Description: Today we did Olympics and the school was hot and had lot's of fun all day out side playing fun as games. I had fun and the favorite game I played was dodge ball. I enjoyed it hope you liked my writing.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Diet Coke Bottle Experiments.

 Task Description: We watched a lot of explosions and it was loud. We also saw other thing like one time when one of the bottles did blow up. Check out the presentation for more information.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Dear John Key

Pt England School 130 Pt England Road Pt England Auckland NZ Thursday August 25th 2016 Dear Prime Minister, Kia ora I’m a year 5 student at Pt England School. My name is Paikea and I am going to tell you about the garbage problem in New Zealand. This is important because people can get sick because of the amount of rubbish in NZ. You must read the entire letter so you know more about what I want to tell you. The problem I have is that there are plenty of rubbish down the drain because people keep dropping rubbish down the drains. You need to stop it. We can get sick by this rubbish it is bad for us and not really good. I don’t want to be sick by this rubbish. We want to be healthy in New Zealand instead. John key you should give people fines if they drop rubbish on purpose and do not pick it up. You should have cameras around to catch people because then they will have to pay a fine. It is up to you but New Zealand will get sick really badly. You might even get sick. You should do this because it is not good for us and we can get a really bad sickness. You also need to try and keep Nz clean and tidy. It can also kill a lot of our beautiful sea birds. By the birds thinking that there is fish under water but it is actually a piece of rubbish. By Paikea Kind Regards

Advice blog.

Walt: synthesise information from multiple sources
 Task Description: This is my advice blog I have did a letter two my friend James yodde and I have gave him lots of advice. His younger brother is Chris Yoddle and I have also been giving him advice. If you need advice come straight to me. 

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

My warrior

Hine’s tough heart pounded after hearing the stomping noise. She looked around fearlessly as she quietly took a step towards the bush. Suddenly a giant bird came out of nowhere from behind the tall trees. Gloria had been hunting for food but as soon as the moa came out, another ten appeared. What was she going to do? She killed them so she wouldn’t get attacked by them.
Suddenly she saw a dark person in the green bushes she wasn’t shore what it was. But it was a warrior that was like her. He was hunting for food but one really bad thing is that he is bad. She looked back down one more bite of my dinner she said evilly. Hine quietly picked up her taiaha she quickly stood up her pointy part of her taiaha was facing down towards the ground. The man came out argh said Hine she ran towards him she felt like that she was going to split apart but no the man did “Take that”  Hine said and sat back down to eat her dinner.
When Hine finished her food she saw more and more and more men they were warrior’s. Boom Bam Ka-pow with one swoop of her powerful taiaha all the men fell to the ground groaning in pain. Hine became the strongest warrior in all of the land.
Hustling and bustling through them she jumped into space ready to fight. ‘Zoom zoom’ her taiaha went round and round and round.  Up she jumped while the pointy part of her taiaha went straight into a bird. It squawked loudly before dying.   

She only dragged one bird down the barky rough forest floor for dinner. She got her fire ready and cooked the bird she ripped it open wide grabbed a slimy piece her mouth opened wide and big and a big mmmmm in her head.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

The Warrior Princess

Rangi’s tough heart pounded after hearing the stomping noise. She looked around fearlessly as she quietly took a step towards the bush. Suddenly a giant bird came out of nowhere from behind the tall trees. Gloria had been hunting for food but as soon as the moa came out, another ten appeared. What was she going to do?

Hustling and bustling through them she jumped into a space ready to fight. ‘Zoom zoom’ her taiaha went round and round and round. Up she jumped while the pointy part of her taiaha went straight into a bird. It squawked loudly before dying. She only dragged one bird down the barky rough forest floor for dinner. She got her fire ready and cooked the bird. She ripped it open wide, grabbed a slimy piece and opened her mouth wide. A big "mmmmm'' entered Rangi's head.

Suddenly she saw a dark person in the green bushes. She wasn’t sure who it was. As he stepped out she could see that it was a warrior just like her. He was hunting for food as well, but he looked evil. Rangi quietly picked up her taiaha and silently approached him. Then she quickly stood up  and aimed the pointy part of her taiaha toward him. The man came running out.  "Argh!" yelled Rangi as she ran towards him. She felt like she was going die, but instead the man did as her taiaha pierced his heart. “Take that” Rangi said before she walked away.

She didn't get far when she saw more and more men who were warrior’s. Boom! Bam! Ka-pow! With one swoop of her powerful taiaha all the men fell to the ground groaning in pain. Rangi proved that she was the strongest warrior in all of the land.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Descriptive Writing.

Task Description: I didn't do much because I have to post it now.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

My wanted poster

                                                      Walt:understand perceptions
Task Description:  This is my wanted poster  that I have made with my group. I had put a link of the story. 
This is a poster that we have to do about the princess and the dragon it's all about perceptions. Hope you like it.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

My Character Description Task

My compare contrast.

Walt: understand perceptions
Task Description: This is my work that my group had to describe a princess and a dragon.
in the middle is the similarities. This is also my compare contrast. Hope you liked it.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Superhero Ace Shadow

                                                 Walt: use images to help tell a story.

                                                     Task Description: My class had to create our own superhero.
                                                                               We have completely made it up even our original

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

My Advice Blog.

Walt: understand multiple perspectives and viewpoints.                                                  

Task Description: This is my Advice blog please see it and enjoy it. My group had this task to be completed 
                            we have got a pretend letter from a girl and we have to answer it.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Superhero to the rescue Comic.

Walt: understand multiple perspectives and viewpoints

                                                               Underneath is the book
Task Description: This story is from a school journal. My reading group had copy the book. I haves put a link  to the Arthur comic thing you can play around with. I haved just use these characters and imagined there in the book.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

May the 4th be with you...

Happy Starwars Day!!!

image attribution:


Walt: recount an event. 

Have you ever read a comic before? Because Team 4 studying and drawing about them. Comics is our topic this term really looking forward to it.

 Pt England’s theme is called “as I see it”. It is more likely about art. Team 1 is going to be doing their favorite things. They will probably draw their favorite things. Team 2 is doing seasons and learning about the colors in the seasons. Term 3 will be doing a lot of building this term but really fun houses and weird building. Team 5 is doing waka races. I wonder what kind of wakas they will have looking forward to be seeing there things they will be making.

 Team 4 is my team year 5, and 6s. We are going to be learning about comic books we may even make our own comic or even watch movies about comic books. At immersion assembly team 4 teachers made a movie called Ka-pow. The the 4 Venger teachers are Wondering Woman, Bat Guy, and Team Leader America. The baddie was Bear Baxendine.

 This term I hope we learn about super heroes. My favorite superhero is the Hulk, I hope we learn about the hulk. Im interested to read some comics, and create my own comic book.

 I am looking forward for making and creating our own comics really exciting. It is interesting of what my team is going to be doing. I am excited for doing alot of art this term and creating.
Task Description: My class has written a piece of writing of immersion assembly. We had did it as a class and used 10 minute timers for each paragraph

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Brochure Task

Walt: synthesise information from across multiple texts.
Task Description: I have made a brochure about Rangitoto. There is information about Rangitoto. There is almost every thing to know about Rangitoto.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Compare and contrast map: Extenion

Fiafia Night.

Walt: organise my ideas into paragraphs and link them together.
Pt England had Fiafia have you ever been to one? It was cool and really exciting but shivering cold and some kids were nervous and scared. It was cool watching the performances that we had practiced.

 Our entire school has fiafia on April the 7th 2016. Fiafia is when we are performing our culture groups in front of the school and our parents. We had got a big stage set up for us out on our school field it was big and it had bright lights to shine on us when we perform.

 I had chosen cook Island because my dad is cook island that is my culture to. Cook Island had drums so the dancers can dance to the beat. My costume colors were light blue lava lava yellow flower necklace and a hair flower to go in my hair bun. My group was last it was cold and I got so tired.

 There was one group that I was really excited for and waiting for it was the hip hop group from the year 4s to 6s. I liked this group the most because the hip hop kids were dancing to a song that matches to their dance it was so cool this was my number one group and the songs even changed. I knew all the songs they danced to. I have been practicing every Thursday and 5 or 6 weeks.

 Fiafia was cool watching all performances I liked the culture dances it was amazing. Some of them went hard and tried their best. I was just excited of watching the performances and couldn't wait for my group to jump on the stage it was the exciting coolest night ever I had fun.

Task Description: We had to write about our school fiafia. I had told you that how long we been practicing and what fiafia is. Here is a photo for a example.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

My fun Camp Experience.

Walt: organize my ideas into paragraphs and link them together
 Last Week year 5 & 6 went on camp. Mr Sommerville told us where we need to go and what to do. We went on a school camp we were there for 3 days. Camp has been running for 26 years now.

 The camp is on the field all students meet in our big tent when eat or we switch rotations. In room 7, 6, and 8 the big space we did camp practice. Camp practice is when we dance to a song for our camp concert.

 My first highlight was when we were playing in the hall in the hall was all thought of things. My number 1 thing I liked playing in the hall was rollerblading around in the hall it was fun. I was also going up and down the breeze. I liked it because it is just fun rollerblading.

 My 2nd Highlight was the concert night. The concert was on Wednesday night. I liked it because we got water guns and we got to shoot all the other teams it was funny. At the end we just found out that the Kind legends won the concert.

 I am a year 5 so yay I am going to camp next year can't wait because camp is fun. I think that camp is fun because you get to wear mufti and also do fun activities. I recommend you to talk to your school because camping is so fun but you may not sleep through the night but it is so fun I am recommending you to go on a camp 2 or even more days.

Task Description: I have wrote of what I did at camp and this is about camp. It has my favorite things that I did at camp and stuff like that. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Extension MTV Simon Group.

Simon Group MTV from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

This is a MTV extension movie that my group made. Our leader of our group is Simon. We have created a movie that is all about P.E.S Way. The people in my group is Bethan Simon, Noah, Ana. Person who mostly recorded was Bethan. Bethan also did all the words in the movie. Hope you enjoy.
                                           Thanks for watching

Thursday, 31 March 2016

My Camp Similar and different to Rosalinas.

Walt: make connections across a wide range of texts.

I had read Rosalinas camp experience. Rosalina is year 7 right now and is in room 4 her teacher is Ms Berry. Rosalina went camp in 2015. Last year 2015 she was a year 6 so that means she went to camp in year sixes. Her highlight was going Kayaking and having the concert. That when it was concert time for her he was just excited to see other teams perform. She also said that she was the leader of her group called Honest Squad. Her teacher of camp was called Miss Lavakula. Rosalina slept with two of her friends their name was Cameo and Patricia. What was diffrent that they slept for two nights and we slept for 1 and a half. 
Just a big shout out to ROSALINA that you should go check her camp blog post it is amazing Go and check it out.
Task Description: I was reading Rosalinas blog post of camp. We were summarizing the people we chose. We were writing about camp and what it was similar  to our camp to theirs.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Year 5/6 Camp.

On tuesday the 22nd year 5 and 6 has camp. In camp we can wear mufti and do fun activities. My group leaders are Sabrina and Simion. My teacher is Miss Lavakula. My group name is Kind krew. .

Friday, 18 March 2016

Little Red Wolf and the Big ad Girl.

Walt: retell a story with a significant twist
 Once lived friendly wolves that could talk. There was a little wolf named Little Red Wolf. She had red in her name cause she had a light red patch on her back like a cape but it was her fur.

 On a bright, hot sunny day little red wolf’s mum asked if she would like to give some bones to wonderful old grandma wolf. She replied to her mum, “yes mum I cant wait to see grandma wolf, she’s wonderful”. Mum replied “alright then, here is a basket full of bones to take with you”. While Little Red Wolf traveled in the deep dark creepy woods. Her mum yelled from the edge, “beware of the Big bad scary girl, with frizzy hair and stinky breath”. Then she saw pretty flowers she picked 5 and put them in the basket, and carried on her way.

 When Little Red Wolf got to her wonderful grandma wolf cave she knocked on the door. When she was waiting for her wonderful old grandma wolf to say come in my dear. Suddenly the Big bad freaky girl made it before Little Red Wolf. The girl had thrown grandma in the cupboard and locked her up. The girl got dressed as grandma said come in my dear she said in a strange voice.

 Little Red Wolf opened the door she went in quietly and said grandma what small teeth you have today and what small nose you what frizzy hairy you have. Then suddenly the big bad girl popped up in the bed gave little red wolf a fright. Little red wolf was angry and did her biggest roar at the girl and the big bad girl ran for her life.

 Once Little Red Wolf heard something she kept her mouth shut. Hello she said who's there. Little Red Wolf heard coming from the cupboard she opened it grandma are you ok Little Red Wolf said. Yes grandma replied and they gave each other a big huge hug and lived happily ever after.

Task Description: We are learning to do a story with a twist. We had to write a twist about little red riding hood we could change anything and any characters in our own story.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Get Thru Safety Video

Walt: make connections between multiple texts
Task Description : Me and my friends had made a movie to help you with. In this video will sow you the three easy steps. Also I forgot that this is about a earthquake and my group an I have been learning about earthquakes.

Monday, 14 March 2016

PES Get Thru

Walt: make connections between multiple texts Task Description: This presentation is to help you get thru an earthquake. So it might happen with out any warnings. So my presetation has the three easy steps and how to do them. This what I am learning about this week.

Friday, 19 February 2016

The Land Slip vocab

Task Description:This is my task that I used vocab words that
have evolved this landslip.