Friday, 27 February 2015

Paikea swimming

L.O: To write an effective recount
L.O: To write effective sentences using interesting beginnings and juicy vocab

I went for a little walk with my class to GI pools from school. When we got there this man told us some rules and told us the instructions names then he took us inside the pools.  And then he put us into groups for swimming. Then we meet the instructions and then we got in the pool it was warm as. We got a kick board we did kicking to the other side of the  pool we did it again and  again it was fun learning how to swim. I was kicking furiously and fast that i got on the other side.
Gasping for breath i stopped in the middle of the pool With my kickboard i tried my best to overtake my class mates when i put my head back down. But inless i persevered and sleek in stream line and blowing bubbles from my nose.  It was fun after that we walked back into the gate we ran to class and got change into our uniforms  it was lunch time it was fun as.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Harakeke story

We went for a walk with Miss Tito she cut the flax i made a flower with the flax. Then we looked for more then we found black seeds. I splited the flax in half then i smelt   it it smelled nice. We made all kind of thing with the flax we had fun on our little trip. It was exciting and tricy. When i splited it there was rough part that was white and there was a shiny part that was green. It was my first time about harakeke.