Wednesday, 9 December 2015

My made up dinsaur

My dinosaur name is Shaposaurus

Museum Trip

On a Friday morning at 8 o'clock room 11/12 went to the museum for a trip. Room 11/12 went with some parent helpers and Mrs Stickland Ms Squires and Mr Moran. My dad came so he was a parent helper I was lucky and got to pick 4 kids to be in my group we had lollies also did some rolly pollies down the deep hills. We had some plastic bags to slide in I had a fun day.we did it in the end before we left the museum.

When we got there room 11/12 walked inside we sat down and a man name Josh told us some rules about the museum and instructions. First parent helpers groups also Mrs Stickland went to have morning tea first.

Then we had a bag filled with lollies books for us maps so we know where we are going. Inside our bag we had to grab books out of the bag they were for us.  We slightly opened it up it had clues in it. We went into some rooms our first room was the encounter. It was cool I had fun doing the activities with my group.

Suddenly when we went into the next room with the treehouse I was excited because there was a tree house. So I walked quickly but we weren't allowed to run because that's one of the rules that Josh told us. Finally when I walked in I went in the treehouse and there was a fake mouse then I saw a ladder but a really tiny one I climbed up it I saw plastic but you can't go on top of the treehouse I looked through it and I got a fright by a rangatang then I ran out of the treehouse fast as ahhhhhhhhh there's a fake rangatang I told my group.

We were about to go in the maori courtroom but we had to head back at the main part of the museum. I wanted to go in the volcano room but we went to slow but I think next time we will be able to go to all of the rooms next time I hope so next time anyway.     

Friday, 4 December 2015


Spikyosaurus has lots of spikes everywhere but only on its head and back. It is a really spiky dinosaur. The teeth are sharp as its spike on the spikyosaurus. Spikyosaurus is a carnivore that is why the teeth are sharper than any other dinosaur. He can be good with many other thing not just his spikes. Spikyosaurus has five important spikes on his tail if they fall off that will be bad because it will never grow back again. But his tail with the five spikes on the end are to defend himself his tail is more important than any of his body. If one comes off then he will have only four left. But the good thing is that they will only grow little tinys ones. His teeth are sharp as so that must makes him a carnivore. Spikyosaurus eats other big dinosaurs but he is the largest. His teeth are strong that when he sees a lake he put some in the water then spit it out he is washing and cleaning his mouth out like how human use mouthwash but spikyosaurus in fact he has clean teeth cause what he does. Spikyosaurus is really good at sniffing when he see a footprint he would smell it and he will just straight away know what dinosaur it is. So he will try and hunt that dinosaur. He will make his way keep on smelling him to catch him.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Manaiakalani Film Festival

On a Wednesday morning Pt England School went to manaiakalani film festival. Manaiakalani Film Festival is classes making movies. We go to Sylvia Park Hoyts to watch the other classes movies  that they made. But we have manaiakalani each year every year .

Room 11/12 made a movie but it had a song in the background. We were lip syncing and other stuff. The song was called Stay Young. Stay young is the song the title of the movie Room 11/12 movie. Stay young is one of the ones that I liked I also so liked the force and many other different. movie like growing up.

When we watched all of the movies we walked down stairs and on our way out and to the bus. Being patient I saw a big as bus that played music inside. Even had curtains inside  the seat was nice and constable. Then we were tired and on our way back to school on the bu.

Thursday, 29 October 2015


On a Thursday it was cold day room 11/12 played non stop cricket. Walking outside we saw a game set but we did not knew what we were playing it was like a surprise game. Room 12 was the fielders and room 11 was the batter's we were in teams. Suddenly it was my turn to bat I went up to the front. I hit the ball fiercely boom there it goes down the field. You have to hit two balls I hit the next one but I also accidentally hit the cone to. Waiting in the back of the line Mr Moran said switch over. Room 11 is fielders now and room 12 is batters. This boy hit the ball amazingly far. But I caught it as I was sprinting to the ball the grass was wet so I skidded across the grass like the ball did to. I sprinted to put the ball back on one of room 12s teams cone. I caught more than two balls I wanted to get heaps. I was going to get a ball from this boy's big hit. But it went too far zoom to the back of the field. I like being the fielders cause I like catching the ball heaps of times. I had fun at playing non stop cricket. But when I was walking to line up it was windy and cold. Luckily we were sprinting around to warm us up. On the way to class it was hot by then. Wow my face is red.


On a Wednesday morning room 11/12 went to play athletics. Lining up for athletics I was excited. We had 3 rotations we all went yaaaaaaaa cause we are doing 3 stations games. Walking outside it was warm outside it felt like medium outside but it was a little bit cold. Walking in a line to the field Ms King sent us off to our stations. I am in room 11 so room 11 went to the gumboot throw station. There were all other things you can trow. Like tennis balls ball in a sock sacks. Room 11 went to gumboot throw first. I threw the ball in the sock and it didn’t go far but I was happy of what I did it was funny. Room 12 did other vary rotations athletics games. When I threw the gumboot it went far. Ms King had a medium bell. She told us that while Ms King rings it we have to swop stations. Suddenly I heard a noise I realized that it was the bell. Ms Squires told the class come on line up going to next station. I lined up and yaaaaaaaa we are going to play basket ball. We walked over to the next station. Room 11 played on the basketball court. Ms Squires put us in teams I wanted to be In my cousin team. Finally when I was in my team I was in my cousin team again yaaaaaaaa. Suddenly it was my turn I got a pink ball I looked at the hoop I pushed the ball and boom I got it in. I think I was lucky cause I kept getting it in but ohhhhh I missed just once only one time. Luckily I got it in every other time yaaaaaaaa. Finally I heard a ding dong ding dong. The bell I lined up for the last rotation. We played sack race. We had to jump in the sack it was a relay. On my way back hopping I fell and hit my knee on the grass. It hurt but heaps of other people fell too. In my group there was only 3 people so I had to do it twice. While I was doing it twice I came back with a saw shoulder. It hurt also. It is hard jumping up and down twice. We had to go to the cone and go around then hop back to your team.

Thursday, 24 September 2015


PLAN INTRODUCTION. A volcanologist studies on volcanos. Being a volcanologist is hazardous because it could erupt and you might die. It is always important to not go too close to it cause it might pop up and you might get some lava on you and you gonna have to go to the hospital. If the hot steaming rises up it is going to erupt from a volcano. WHAT DOES A VOLCANOLOGIST WEAR? Depend on what the volcanologist is doing they wear vary clothing. One of their clothing is silver and it is like a astronaut suit. It will push the hot heat away from the suit. They sometimes need a breathing apparatus oxygen tank. HOW DO YOU BECOME A VOLCANOLOGIST? You need to be able to know what to do. You need carriage to become one. A volcanologist needs practise to study so they know what to do. WHAT SORT OF PERSON DO NEED TO BE? Be a brave person not a panic person. Need to be strong healthy smart all kind of things like that. They need to be fit strong. You need to be trustworthy and kind. You need to know what to do and don’t mess up. So you CONCLUSION Being a volcanologist can be dangerous because the lava might splatter up to you. Being a volcanologist is not my thing so when I grow up. I probably not do this job when I grow up cause I do not want to get burned or accidently make a volcano explode in my town or someone else.

Monday, 21 September 2015

cross country

Pt England had cross country we went like this. Year 1 boys go first then we went year 1 girls then year 2s 3s then suddenly it was our turn the year 4 girls. The year 4 girl went to the start line we all put our feet together behind the line. Mr Burt had a clapper he said on your marks get set go!!!.

I ran and ran till 2 girls slipped and bam fell in the mud I jumped over the mud and I did not fall I was almost in front but some girls caught up to me and ran past me. While I was running I went fast I was gasping for breath my face was hot it felt red as I was running I tried not to walk but I think I only walked about 2 1 times. When I  ran out to the big field where pt england beach was I started to stop when I was nearly to the finish line I was tired I tried and tried to get there but my 2 friends caught up to me and ran past me.

When I was finally at the end I went to go get a drink and i was tired as. I had muddy feet but  my mum was proud of me cause she got me a bracelet that said on it love daughter forever. But when I was doing cross country and I got up to the 2nd muddy puddle I ran on  the mud and it spattered. This girl name Chastyti fell in the 1st muddy puddle but I never did cause I walked on the mud.

The school is in each teams green red yellow and blue I am in green each of the teams get name green is matatua red is te arawa yellow is takitimu blue is tainui. Yellow always win last year they won I hope my team win this time. Cause this boy keeps winning for takitimu yellow but we don't know which team won yet so I wish it was matatua green. But whatever colour team you are in you have to bring a t shirt that is red green yellow and blue. So teachers peoples know what team you are in. I wear a green t shirt but it is old my t shirt is my family one it is to little for me now so at cross country I just weared my uniform and I ran in them. When I was running I was tired it was fun I was glad that I ran a whole field then next a big half field but I did not come 1st 2nd 3rd I nearly came 3rd but I didn't.

The End

Friday, 11 September 2015

My Tessalation

Emily's Wonderful Pie

Emily’s Wonderful Pie by Jane Cornish A girl named Emily had a squishy squashy and mincey to munch flakey bakey crispy to crunch pie that she ordered for lunch. Emily had a friend named Liz she licked her lips and ask can i have some squishy squashy and mincey to munch flakey bakey crispy to crunch pie please i will be your best friend Emily said all right then she said took a bite but a big bite for lunch. Then suddenly a boy name Tom came over can i have some pie please Emily. He had a bite of her squish squashy and mincey to munch flakey bakey crispy to crunch yummy pie. Along came Lou with a smile can I have a bite pretty please so Emily said, “Okay Just a bite.” She had a bite. Miss Rose the teacher came down the hall with a ravenous sniff down the caridol sniff sniff sniff yum pie she went to Emily hi Emily said Miss Rose can I have a bite cuddling beside her can I have some please all right Emily said Miss Rose took a munch yummy thank you for the crunchy yummy pie Miss Rose said. Emily moaned oh no little bit left she stopped wait this is a trick so she went and asked this other girl had a doughnut. Emily said can I have some of your doughnut please Emily said.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Better work stories

A pilot is a person who flies planes. Pilots works in the air.  Being a pilot is a big job you have to fly people to countries safely.

How you become a Pilot!!!!
To get a job like this you need to be careful when you fly a plane. You need to learn how to fly a plane and make sure you pass your test or if you do not pass you might not get the job.

A pilot has to have certain characteristics.!!!!  
 Pilot needs to be focus they need to be brave and on time so people do not miss their flight. A pilot needs to have carriage they have to not panic when they are going to crash.
Why I Would Take This Job!!!!
I would love this job if  I really got it when I grow up. I will not quit so I can take my family to special places to.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Kiwisport coach


INTRODUCTION. (What is a Kiwisport coach?)  
                                                                                             A kiwisport coach teach vary schools.
Kiwisport coach goes around schools and teach them vary sports skills. They do warm ups before teaching us vary skills.  When we are doing basketball we do skills like dribbling the ball throwing the ball in the hoop.

A kiwisport coach teach skills.
Kiwisport coaches do warm ups games. We cooperate as a team. But before we do our skills we need rules to the skill. We must follow the rules to the game.

Kiwisport coach sometimes wear blue black uniform.
Or kiwisport coaches wear suit or relevant. They need sports gear of what thought of skill they are doing with us.

To become kiwisport coach you need to be a trained coach by doing coaching modules. You have to have a interview. You need to be polite.

You need to be successful person strong and fit nice.
Need to be helpful kind organised have patience confident. Be energetic have skills good management.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Fire Fighters

Introduction FireFighters work hard in a team they never let their team down. They will always work as a team together and help one another at a time. Fire Fighters are brave and confidence to set the fire out. What FireFighters wear? Fire Fighters wear boots and fire proof jackets Firefighters also wear gloves so they don't get a cut in the building . They will need a oxygen tank for them to breath in the fire. FireFighters wear a yellow helmet with a visor to protect their face so no smoke gets in their eyes or no heavy things hit their head. What do they do? FireFighters are strong and brave they extinguish fire. They will be confidence and help their team. Fire Fighters help people and rescue them. Firefighters attend accidents at all times they attend accidents by repping the car with a medal thing to save people who had a crash and got stuck in their car. Firefighter Characteristics FireFighters works bravely in fire because they are always doing there best. A strong firefighter !!! does weight lifting and exercising. A fit firefighter is healthy brave and strong. How does a firefighter becomes a firefighter? FireFighters works hard and train every week. They become healthy by eating salad vegetables and a healthy sandwich. To become a firefighter you must train and practise how to save people.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Immersion Assembly

On Monday morning we had our immersion assembly. Immersion assembly tells us what our new topic this term is. We had it in the hall. When I walked in Mr Burt was an auctioneer. Suddenly I heard a big booming noise with his hammer. He was selling toys to us. Team 1 teachers went to the market to buy veggies and other stuff. Team 1 bought chocolate and they scrambled the chocolate to us it was fun i nearly got 1 but my cousin got it. Team 2 went to the shop across the road and bought ice cream. I wish I was in team 2. They asked 3 or 4 questions if you get them right you win a ice cream. Team 3 did a ymca song and what you can be when you grow up. You can be a policeman firefighter pilot surgery builder and a mechanic. I felt excited about assembly when I walked through the door. I saw lots of thing going on it was cool.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Miss Thomsons leaving ptengland

 Ohhhh   sucks that Miss Thomson is leaving school but we will be happy cause she wont get stuck in traffic anymore we will miss you Miss Thomson.

Term 2 writing sample

On friday morning youth town hired a bouncy castle for us to have a slide on. We had 2 turns each time it was exciting for us. Some boys jumped very high and they bounced on the bottom off the slide. It was fun but it was packed, the line was so long. But luckily they went quickly. But then the line was even longer by more classes coming behind our class. When I got on it it was wobbely. The bouncy castle was red and yellow. When I was in line it felt exciting for me. I was waiting in line with my friend. But we had to wait in line nicely or we would have to go back to class. Suddenly we were good and sensible because we didn’t want to miss out. We got a slide down the bouncy castle. We had fun.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Super Mario

press play here to start my video
Paikea Mario Game from Team 3 PES on Vimeo.

My Alarm Clock

Hi this is my alarm clock with details different details i created it with my partner Thida hoped you enjoyed.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The red witch

Strolling along a solitary man just had lunch. He was walking in a large room full of boxes. As the man noticed a spot on his tie he licked his hand and wiped it off. While he did it suddenly a box came out of no where and hit him on the eye. Furiously he kicked the box after he did it he saw a shiny box it was a strange box he tried pushing it and it wouldn’t move he did harder it is still as. He tried jumping on it and he couldn’t get up then he saw a towering boxes he climbed and climbed he got to the top of the boxes he went for a big jump and hit his head on the box then flipped to the ground. As he opened his eyes he saw a red button underneath he was wondering what would happen if he pushed it so he moved his head out just in case he will get hurt and he pushed the switch. Nothing happened for a while but then it started spinning fast jumping up and down like it was dancing. The man got up and it sucked his tie in he pulled and pulled until his feet got sucked in he pulled his feet out and his body got sucked in. He was gone but his hand came out so he could try to get out but he was stuck and gone it pushed him out and he turned into a box with ties on as a picture or stickers then it turned white and he was never seen again and he was a box. the end

Friday, 19 June 2015

The lighthouse

On a dull starless night the light from an old stone lighthouse was rotating around and illuminating the villages. The lighthouse was on the top of a treacherous headland. Cosy cottages below the lighthouse were celebrating. A solitary man who owned the lighthouse was working with the window open with annoyance he slammed the window “he was like I’m trying to work keep it down”. Suddenly the light went out after he thought there was a unusual clunking noise as he ran up stairs to check the mechanic and wheels but it was fine. There was a boat coming it was going to crash in the sharp rocks and it will sink the people on the boat will die too. So he ran up stairs to the top with his toolbox there was a big bowl it looked heavy then he opened the little door to check if the fire was still going it wasn’t still going so he was in a panic and lift the heavy light bowl and tripped over his toolbox he was really worried. He was thinking of a plan it was the village's plan too he ran down stairs with a panic when he opened the door the villages came with their lanterns and standed around the lighthouse keepers balcony and he saved the boat with happiness and they lived happily ever after. The End

Friday, 15 May 2015

The marsh mallow story

Marshmallows from Ringling College of Art + Design on Vimeo.

On a dark starless night a little boy named Jimmy  was camping in a small clearing in the middle of a forest. He was roasting his marshmallows on a sizzling fire. The lake was lapping  gently on the shore.

Jimmy heard something behind him he looked back and there was a big monster. It had sharp teeth and a long tail with scary eyes sharp paws and it was green with spikes on his head.

Trying to defend himself Jimmy pulled out his stick with his roasted marshmallow on. Suddenly the monster snached the marshmallow off the stick. He did dog tricks to get a second one  and even ate it off Jimmy's hand before Jimmy blinked.

When Jimmy put his hand in the bag he realized it is  the last one. He gulped. Cautiously Jimmy slowly held out his hand and then the monster slurped the last marshmallow off. The monster nearly gobbled up Jimmy’s whole arm.

Waiting expectantly the monster looked  at Jimmy. “Oh no what's gonna happen,” Jimmy thought. Then the monster reverted into a scary monster because Jimmy ran out of marshmallows. Jimmy ran to the tent and found a pillow and put it in front of him then the monster transformed back into a nice monster because he thought it was the biggest marshmallow in the world.

The monster roasted his marshmallow on the sizzling fire the pillow turned into ashes he was sad.

Friday, 1 May 2015

My Holiday

In the holiday I went swimming lessons at the panmure ymca. I moved up a level to number 4. I slept at my aunt's house and played halo on my uncles xbox. Then I played on my aunt's ipad and I played with my uncle little brother name Pj he is my uncle inlor. At night i watched the hunger games then i fell asleep. Then in the morning i had breakfast and went back to swimming lessons.

Dawn parade

At the Auckland museum Dawn parade there were thousands of people gathered together to remember the soldiers who died for us. There were old soldiers with badges on their  jackets. There was soldiers on the steps at the museum they were standing still and didn't move .

Tuesday, 21 April 2015


I learned how to make a kazoo in Mr Blakeys class. When i bowled in it made a sound. I did a birthday sound out of it.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015


On a hot sunny day Pt England went to the Pt england beach. There was a sand castle competition. We had a swim and jumped off the rock. Mr Burt did a bomb off it. There were heaps of games to play. We played with clay on the rock at the other side it was slimy & slippery. I liked the clay it was weird it was like sand. The water was yuck it taste like salt the water was salty as. I had fun making sand castles. It was cool. There was all kind of castles. mermaids castles. When we went out of the gate we felt excited and happy. Because it was sunny, not raining.  And we got to play at the beach and have a swim.

Friday, 20 March 2015

My sister birthday

In the weekend on saturday i had a party for my sister 21th birthday.
My family went to Piha for her birthday. We went to a cafe down the road. I had a sasageroll for breakfast. On  saturday i went to the beach the waves was big. I flipped over to the shallow part it was strong.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Paikea Happy face Biscuit

The weather was raining. We thought it was going to be sunny. But it was raining in the morning. Miss Thomson was telling us what to use for the right thing on our cookie faces. When we were at the table she gave us the ingredients. I was waiting  to put ingredients on. Decorating my biscuit it was exciting. Making my biscuit it was tricky to put the icing on.
These are the ingredients that i use for my cookie snake lollies  sprinkles  choc chip m&ms and icing. Eating my cookie it was yummy. The icing was melting in my mouth. I took the lollies off and ate it. I felt excited.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Paikea swimming

L.O: To write an effective recount
L.O: To write effective sentences using interesting beginnings and juicy vocab

I went for a little walk with my class to GI pools from school. When we got there this man told us some rules and told us the instructions names then he took us inside the pools.  And then he put us into groups for swimming. Then we meet the instructions and then we got in the pool it was warm as. We got a kick board we did kicking to the other side of the  pool we did it again and  again it was fun learning how to swim. I was kicking furiously and fast that i got on the other side.
Gasping for breath i stopped in the middle of the pool With my kickboard i tried my best to overtake my class mates when i put my head back down. But inless i persevered and sleek in stream line and blowing bubbles from my nose.  It was fun after that we walked back into the gate we ran to class and got change into our uniforms  it was lunch time it was fun as.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Harakeke story

We went for a walk with Miss Tito she cut the flax i made a flower with the flax. Then we looked for more then we found black seeds. I splited the flax in half then i smelt   it it smelled nice. We made all kind of thing with the flax we had fun on our little trip. It was exciting and tricy. When i splited it there was rough part that was white and there was a shiny part that was green. It was my first time about harakeke.