Thursday, 3 September 2015

Better work stories

A pilot is a person who flies planes. Pilots works in the air.  Being a pilot is a big job you have to fly people to countries safely.

How you become a Pilot!!!!
To get a job like this you need to be careful when you fly a plane. You need to learn how to fly a plane and make sure you pass your test or if you do not pass you might not get the job.

A pilot has to have certain characteristics.!!!!  
 Pilot needs to be focus they need to be brave and on time so people do not miss their flight. A pilot needs to have carriage they have to not panic when they are going to crash.
Why I Would Take This Job!!!!
I would love this job if  I really got it when I grow up. I will not quit so I can take my family to special places to.

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