Monday, 21 September 2015

cross country

Pt England had cross country we went like this. Year 1 boys go first then we went year 1 girls then year 2s 3s then suddenly it was our turn the year 4 girls. The year 4 girl went to the start line we all put our feet together behind the line. Mr Burt had a clapper he said on your marks get set go!!!.

I ran and ran till 2 girls slipped and bam fell in the mud I jumped over the mud and I did not fall I was almost in front but some girls caught up to me and ran past me. While I was running I went fast I was gasping for breath my face was hot it felt red as I was running I tried not to walk but I think I only walked about 2 1 times. When I  ran out to the big field where pt england beach was I started to stop when I was nearly to the finish line I was tired I tried and tried to get there but my 2 friends caught up to me and ran past me.

When I was finally at the end I went to go get a drink and i was tired as. I had muddy feet but  my mum was proud of me cause she got me a bracelet that said on it love daughter forever. But when I was doing cross country and I got up to the 2nd muddy puddle I ran on  the mud and it spattered. This girl name Chastyti fell in the 1st muddy puddle but I never did cause I walked on the mud.

The school is in each teams green red yellow and blue I am in green each of the teams get name green is matatua red is te arawa yellow is takitimu blue is tainui. Yellow always win last year they won I hope my team win this time. Cause this boy keeps winning for takitimu yellow but we don't know which team won yet so I wish it was matatua green. But whatever colour team you are in you have to bring a t shirt that is red green yellow and blue. So teachers peoples know what team you are in. I wear a green t shirt but it is old my t shirt is my family one it is to little for me now so at cross country I just weared my uniform and I ran in them. When I was running I was tired it was fun I was glad that I ran a whole field then next a big half field but I did not come 1st 2nd 3rd I nearly came 3rd but I didn't.

The End

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