Friday, 24 July 2015

Immersion Assembly

On Monday morning we had our immersion assembly. Immersion assembly tells us what our new topic this term is. We had it in the hall. When I walked in Mr Burt was an auctioneer. Suddenly I heard a big booming noise with his hammer. He was selling toys to us. Team 1 teachers went to the market to buy veggies and other stuff. Team 1 bought chocolate and they scrambled the chocolate to us it was fun i nearly got 1 but my cousin got it. Team 2 went to the shop across the road and bought ice cream. I wish I was in team 2. They asked 3 or 4 questions if you get them right you win a ice cream. Team 3 did a ymca song and what you can be when you grow up. You can be a policeman firefighter pilot surgery builder and a mechanic. I felt excited about assembly when I walked through the door. I saw lots of thing going on it was cool.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Miss Thomsons leaving ptengland

 Ohhhh   sucks that Miss Thomson is leaving school but we will be happy cause she wont get stuck in traffic anymore we will miss you Miss Thomson.

Term 2 writing sample

On friday morning youth town hired a bouncy castle for us to have a slide on. We had 2 turns each time it was exciting for us. Some boys jumped very high and they bounced on the bottom off the slide. It was fun but it was packed, the line was so long. But luckily they went quickly. But then the line was even longer by more classes coming behind our class. When I got on it it was wobbely. The bouncy castle was red and yellow. When I was in line it felt exciting for me. I was waiting in line with my friend. But we had to wait in line nicely or we would have to go back to class. Suddenly we were good and sensible because we didn’t want to miss out. We got a slide down the bouncy castle. We had fun.