Thursday, 25 May 2017

Dear Diary!

Walt: think critically about what we read.
Task Description: This is a dear diary I struggled to finish but I really needed it to be on my blog. So anyway this is about the present and past Afu is writing a diary about his journey on a sail on paper. I did a writing about my journey on a ipad. 

Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Walt: understand fractions. 
Task Description: I had a little help from a friend to understand and I got stuck. But I pulled myself together and got it finished. Just a thank you to KAYLA U. I found this problem solving hard to work out but I got it completed.

Past and Presents.

Walt: think critically about what we read

Task Description: This is about a made up man Afu in the past and we have a article that we read to help us do this task on Afu's side. On my side is the presents which in now and I had to say how would I travel differently to Afu's.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Skittles Maths

Hand Made Ice Cream

Have you ever made your own Ice Cream before? Today I helped my teacher Mrs Stickland to grab ingredients out of her car. We grabbed our chromebooks and sat down at the table, I was excited. Mrs Stick told us we will be making Ice cream. But we needed a partner to work with I choose my cousin Charlese.

We made it, it was really exciting once we finished we had to shake it with the ice but the Ice Cream was in a bag put into another bag filled with ice. Next when our Ice Cream set we got two biscuits each and a spoon to put our Ice Cream between our biscuits. When I ate it, it was delicious the Ice Cream was cold and made my teeth saw. The biscuits was yummy and I got another one.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Walt: Write from the 1st person.
Suddenly I got washed up a beach. I opened my eyes all I saw was a crab in front of my eyes, “AHHHHHHH” I screamed. I jumped up and ran far away. I saw my yellow boat washed up on the sand it was popped from the horrible waves and storm, I was scared I saw a beautiful beach. I felt lonely because it was silent, there was no noise at all.

I gathered just the things I needed, I grabbed my popped boat and dragged it up to a straight tall tree. I found some fronds and I grabbed them and put them on top of the boat I grabbed all of the fronds. I grabbed one tall straight stick I looked for a tree and laid the boat down next to the tree and I stabbed my stick in the ground. I placed the end of the boat on the top of the stick then I grabbed my fronds and placed them underneath my shelter for my bed. I had a rest and felt worried “what will happen” I said quietly to myself. I got up and used rocks to make a fire for my food I gathered the rocks in a pile

I came up with a great idea, I decided to find sticks and flax. I’m gonna use the sticks to make a ladder and use the flax to tie it together to hold. I will be using the ladder to get coconuts from the tree then I will have a long stick to poke the coconut for it to fall out. I looked for a stick I sharpened it so I can crack the coconut shell open, I used a rock to sharpen the stick. I’m gonna use my sharpened stick to catch my fish, I caught fish and had it for dinner. I found clean water and marked trees with my stick so I know where I am going, I used my coconut shell for my water.

I should use my feet to create a big signal saying HELP! So I did it I thought maybe I should get a good rest. I said to myself I will come back to my signal later and see if someone will at least see my HELP! I hope I get rescued off this island.

It’s been years rescue has not came, time passed and no clothes. I woke up hearing a weird sound I haven’t heard before, it was loud and sounded high. I rushed and to see if it was a rescue. I remembered it sounds like a chopper “YEA” I shouted I ran to my signal and yelled as loud as I could “HELP” “HELP” HELP” HELP”. The person in the chopper saw me. I saw that the chopper was a rescue chopper I jumped with excitement the chopper landed on my signal. The man that was driving the chopper said “Hey are you lost hop in my chopper and I will get you food” I said “Thanks man I was really shocking when I arrived at this island” I got rescued and was really happy I could have a shower I really wanted steak for dinner.

Task Description: I was really excited when I first found out what we will be writing about. So many ideas appeared in my head. I just couldn't wait to put them in my writing. Since I finished I really want to watch the movie Castaway.

Problem Solving

Walt: understand fractions.
Task Description: My problem solving was about understanding fractions. Times Tables are pretty much the same as fractions. Like divided by's and times tables are fractions. But using timetables to solve fractions are a lot easier.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Which Lure should I buy?

Walt: think critically about what we read.
Task Description: This week my class had to task to do one of my other task is already on my blog it is called FISHING TIME! I hope you also like that presentation. This presentation we had to read carefully as well as skim reading trying to find the right lure. I had to try find the right lure that the made up people Mr Goodwin did but I had to help them. Stacey is Mr Goodwin's friend though. I am sick so I decided to finish this and post it on my blog.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017


Walt:think critically about what we read
Task Description: My class had fun exciting work to do we learnt about lures. This is the link we used to  Create your own Lure.  For beginners the best lures is spinners and also in murky water

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Immersion Assembly.

WALT: using exciting language
Strolling in the hall trying to see what the school topic is, I was excited to see what the other team topic is as well. It was a immersion assembly it had a lot of technology which were computers 1 was funky. The school topic is, Now That’s Thinking!

Mr Burt told us a true story about Pt England School after that, we got to teams 1 topic. They played their video it was about making kites and the teacher’s dreaming them on their kite. They woke up then started flying the kite, Team 2 teacher’s made kites and tested it out, team 3 topic is about kites as well but they did not make kites it the video. Team 5 topic is about fixing around the school.
Team 4 topic is about what kind of technology maori used before Pakeha arrived in New Zealand? Team 4 movie was a little confusing, but when my class watched it again with my teacher then I finally got it. I am really excited about our extraordinary topic, I can’t wait to learn about our extraordinary topic. I think we might be making technology that maori used before Pakeha came to New Zealand. I like our
Team’s Topic.

I really want to learn how to make technology that Maori's used before Pakeha arrived in New Zealand. I am excited to learn about that. I also want to know what year they started using their technology.

I really like that we are learning about technology I think it will be an interesting term. I think it will be a fun term interesting term and extraordinary term. I cant wait to post my learning on my blog of what I learnt this term.

Task Description: My story is about my immersion assembly on Monday. My class had to try and use exciting, Interesting words. I am so excited to find out what we will first be learning about this term.