Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Immersion Assembly.

WALT: using exciting language
Strolling in the hall trying to see what the school topic is, I was excited to see what the other team topic is as well. It was a immersion assembly it had a lot of technology which were computers 1 was funky. The school topic is, Now That’s Thinking!

Mr Burt told us a true story about Pt England School after that, we got to teams 1 topic. They played their video it was about making kites and the teacher’s dreaming them on their kite. They woke up then started flying the kite, Team 2 teacher’s made kites and tested it out, team 3 topic is about kites as well but they did not make kites it the video. Team 5 topic is about fixing around the school.
Team 4 topic is about what kind of technology maori used before Pakeha arrived in New Zealand? Team 4 movie was a little confusing, but when my class watched it again with my teacher then I finally got it. I am really excited about our extraordinary topic, I can’t wait to learn about our extraordinary topic. I think we might be making technology that maori used before Pakeha came to New Zealand. I like our
Team’s Topic.

I really want to learn how to make technology that Maori's used before Pakeha arrived in New Zealand. I am excited to learn about that. I also want to know what year they started using their technology.

I really like that we are learning about technology I think it will be an interesting term. I think it will be a fun term interesting term and extraordinary term. I cant wait to post my learning on my blog of what I learnt this term.

Task Description: My story is about my immersion assembly on Monday. My class had to try and use exciting, Interesting words. I am so excited to find out what we will first be learning about this term.

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  1. Your story is very interesting and I love it. I really hope you will be a great and beautiful captain in netball.
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