Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Walt: Write from the 1st person.
Suddenly I got washed up a beach. I opened my eyes all I saw was a crab in front of my eyes, “AHHHHHHH” I screamed. I jumped up and ran far away. I saw my yellow boat washed up on the sand it was popped from the horrible waves and storm, I was scared I saw a beautiful beach. I felt lonely because it was silent, there was no noise at all.

I gathered just the things I needed, I grabbed my popped boat and dragged it up to a straight tall tree. I found some fronds and I grabbed them and put them on top of the boat I grabbed all of the fronds. I grabbed one tall straight stick I looked for a tree and laid the boat down next to the tree and I stabbed my stick in the ground. I placed the end of the boat on the top of the stick then I grabbed my fronds and placed them underneath my shelter for my bed. I had a rest and felt worried “what will happen” I said quietly to myself. I got up and used rocks to make a fire for my food I gathered the rocks in a pile

I came up with a great idea, I decided to find sticks and flax. I’m gonna use the sticks to make a ladder and use the flax to tie it together to hold. I will be using the ladder to get coconuts from the tree then I will have a long stick to poke the coconut for it to fall out. I looked for a stick I sharpened it so I can crack the coconut shell open, I used a rock to sharpen the stick. I’m gonna use my sharpened stick to catch my fish, I caught fish and had it for dinner. I found clean water and marked trees with my stick so I know where I am going, I used my coconut shell for my water.

I should use my feet to create a big signal saying HELP! So I did it I thought maybe I should get a good rest. I said to myself I will come back to my signal later and see if someone will at least see my HELP! I hope I get rescued off this island.

It’s been years rescue has not came, time passed and no clothes. I woke up hearing a weird sound I haven’t heard before, it was loud and sounded high. I rushed and to see if it was a rescue. I remembered it sounds like a chopper “YEA” I shouted I ran to my signal and yelled as loud as I could “HELP” “HELP” HELP” HELP”. The person in the chopper saw me. I saw that the chopper was a rescue chopper I jumped with excitement the chopper landed on my signal. The man that was driving the chopper said “Hey are you lost hop in my chopper and I will get you food” I said “Thanks man I was really shocking when I arrived at this island” I got rescued and was really happy I could have a shower I really wanted steak for dinner.

Task Description: I was really excited when I first found out what we will be writing about. So many ideas appeared in my head. I just couldn't wait to put them in my writing. Since I finished I really want to watch the movie Castaway.

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