Saturday, 19 August 2017

Problem Solving.

Walt: solve decimal problems.
 Task Description: For the first time I learnt how to solve problem like the one about boots. I hope you understand my working. Please lave a positive comment down below.

Thursday, 17 August 2017


Walt: understand information collected from multiple sources
Task Description: I learnt about Satellites. I also designed my own Satellite.  Today I learnt what a Satellite does and how it works.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Picture Book.

Bunny 1 and Bunny 2 built a rocket to find a moon. Looking in the sky so high shining light in their eyes, a bright moon shining just for two cool guys.

Bunny 1 and Bunny 2 had their big rocket just for 2. It’s black and blue ready for blast off. 5,4,3,2,1 BLAST OFF!

Landing on a rocky planet this is not the right planet. Bunny 1 and Bunny 2 felt the heat go right through. Mercury the smallest and nearest planet to the sun. Bunny 1 and Bunny 2 can’t breathe without their suit. Off they went to planet 2.

On planet 2 Bunny 1 and Bunny 2 landed on VENUS! Bunny 1 sat down to have a rest, AWWWWW! My BUM BUM. Bunny 2 said “We can’t breathe with out our suit, off we go to planet 2 the 2nd planet from the sun”.

“There is Earth” said Bunny 1 let’s go right past to planet 3.

BOOM! “What a crash at least our rocket is still healed” said Bunny 1. “Mars the 3rd planet from th e sun” yelled Bunny 2.  Bunny 1 said “I am pretty sure this is the 4th planet from the sun. Bunny 2 said “not this planet it is pretty plain and we can’t breathe without our suit off we go to planet 5.

Bunny 1 said “we are on the largest planet wee pee we have had a very long travel”. Bunny 1 and Bunny 2 both said “I miss Earth let’s go to 3 more planet’s and go home. “Off we go to planet 6” they said happily.

“Wow look at the ring’s the rings are made out of rocks this book says” said Bunny 2. They hopped and yelped playing tag on Saturn’s Rings. Suddenly they some how landed in their rocket “OFF WE GO TO PLANET 7” they said together.

“Wow look at this pretty blue planet” said Bunny 1. “Cold Cold Cold” said Bunny 2. “OK off we go to planet 8” said Bunny 1.

“Wow look at us we have discovered all these 8 planets” said Bunny 2. “Yea i’m really hungry let’s head back to earth” said Bunny 1. They both said together “off we go to planet 3”.

“Earth yay home I am so hungry” said Bunny 1.  “Yeah I agree” said Bunny 2.  “Wow Earth look’s so bright from here” said Bunny 1, “Yeah” Bunny 2 said. Boom the rocket safely crashed into the crash pit.

Image result for solar system

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Problem Solving - Addition.

Task Description: I had to add up big numbers using addition. It is really fun and I am enjoying solving these problems.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017


Walt: understand information collected from multiple sources
Task Description: This is my postcard I sent to my friend Jorelle. We are also learning about space it is fun. I am doing a postcard and pretending i'm in space.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The Planets In The Solar System!

Walt: understand information collected from multiple sources.
Task Description: This is my Picture I did using Google Draw. I used the shapes to create these planets. There are 8 planets in the Solar System and I also labeled the names underneath the planets, I also put the planets in the correct order.

Visiting Planets In The Solar System.

Walt: understand information collected from multiple sources.
Task Description: I am helping my friend Gorgon he is asking me some suggestions and I am telling him the correct planet he needs to go to. I hope you learnt something from this presentation.