Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Who dunnit?


In Room 4 we are solving a crime, someone had broken into a house with rare valuables lying around and shattered a window to get in. We had discovered little bits of cloth that was covered in what it looked like blood next to a broken window. We then had a look at the blooded cloth under a microscope and we found out that the red stuff on the cloth was actually blood. Looking at the CCTV footage there were at least 4 suspects so we decided to take a blood sample from each of them.

Each suspect had to take a blood test because we knew we had to find A+. Suspect 1 blood was A B+, suspect 2 blood was B and suspect 4 blood was 0. But looking at suspect 3 blood was different because their results were A+. We knew this because the blood on the ripped material turned out to be A+ so we were trying to find out what suspect blood is A+.

Task Description ~ This task was for Genomics and we had to actually find the suspect using chemicals but the blood wasn't real but we just called it Blood. Just a small group of us finished finding the suspect because the whole class couldn't handle it.

Monday, 18 November 2019

Six-Sentence Story (3 little pigs)

Six-sentence story
Walt - Create a narrative.
Sentence 1: Begins with ‘Once Upon a Time’ and introduces the main character
Sentence 2: Describes where the character lived
Sentence 3: Describes where the character’s special talent
Sentence 4: Describes the character’s problem
Sentence 5: Tells why the character felt that way
Sentence 6: Tells how the character solved the problem

Once Upon a Time, lived three chunky pigs.  They lived in a thick green, remote forest. The three of them were able to craft little huts out of three different materials - sticks, hay and bricks. Unfortunately nearby lived a dreadful, hungry wolf. Every time the dreadful wolf visited, he would huff and puff and blow down the two houses that were made out of sticks and hay by two of the pigs. So the two pigs bolted away to help their other brother build a brick home so the three of them would be safe from the big bad wolf.
Task Description: My task was to create a 6 sentence story. I chose to retell the 3 little pigs in my own way and in my own words. 

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Fair Trade!

Task Description: This week for math we were put into 5 groups of 4-5. Each 
group were a country and we each had made up names for our country
from our teacher Mrs Stone. Each group had 5 things Coffee, Gold, Oil, Lumber and 
Electronics. Well the whole point of this was we were playing a little trading game where we 
could trade the items we had with the other groups to hopefully make profit. The aim of this game
was to become the wealthiest country out of the other 4 country's.

Monday, 11 November 2019

Genomics, 11-11-19 lll smallest to LARGEST

Walt - Place organisms on a continuum. 

Task description - Today in Genomics/Science we were placing living organisms from smallest to largest on the blue line. We also had to think about what animals were the smallest and animals that were the largest.

Monday, 4 November 2019

Looking at onion cells through a microscope (experiment

Aim: (On a slide are we able to see a clear picture of onion cells through a microscope)

Hypothesis: I think we will be able to see a clear picture of the onion cell at a magnification of 10x

  • 1 onion
  • 1 Slide
  • 1 Cover Slip
  • Tweezers
  • Blue Stain

Method: The first thing we had to do was get our slide. We then had to peel off a thin layer of onion skin. Then we carefully placed the thin layer of onion skin on the slide and made it flat so there were no lumps. Just to make sure we put 1 drop of saline on top of the thin layer of onion. So that we could see the onion cells on the slide through the microscope we put 1 drop of blue dye on the saline so it would be easier for us to see the onion cells

Observation/Conclusion: After adjusting the microscope so we can see the onion cells clearly. We finally got to see what onion cells look like. From what I could see they were very detailed like lots lines connected to each other in some way, in between the lines were dark purple dots but I think the funny looking dots were just the purple dye that we had applied on top of the saline or it was part of the onion cell but the dye had covered it
Image result for Onion Cells
Task Description- Today we got to do a little experiment. But before attempting the actual experiment, Mrs Stone told us to create a new document so we can write down our Aim on what were gonna attempt or see if what we're gonna do is gonna work. I also had to write down my hypothesis and equipment to make this experiment work. After attempting the experiment as you can see I wrote the method so you know how I made this experiment work. Lastly I wrote my observation or conclusion to show you what my results were overall.

- Pic of onion cells.

Friday, 18 October 2019

What make's an effective leader?

Term 4, Week 1. Walt - Identify and use features of explanation writing. 

What makes an effective leader? A true leader has a passion for a cause that is larger than they are, and their passion is leading others to do the right thing. Leaders have a lot of confidence because their confidence can help others have some confidence in themselves to do anything or be anything. To be an effective leader you have to be a good person, an effective leader would treat everyone with respect and would have good manners.

Firstly, a Leader's passion is being an effective leader. Well, some leaders have more than one passion, but they put a lot of hard work to be a good and effective leader. Leaders that have the passion to be good and effective cares about being a leader. And a Leader with a dream and a vision that will better society, or at least, some portion of it.

Secondly, Leaders with confidence can help others be more confident in a variety of situations. Like if your Leader or someone you follow that inspires you are very good at speaking in front of a large number of people and make it look so easy. Maybe one day their courage can help you have the courage to do the same. But not only that, Leaders have to be confident in themselves and others, so they can have confidence in others to help support them in whatever they're doing.

Lastly, being a respectful leader is one of the main things all leaders should be or have. All leaders have to have good manners, respect for everyone even if they don’t know them. An effective leader is always polite. Being respectful, kind, polite and nice makes you look like a very good person and it shows that you were brought up by your parents correctly.

All three points are very important to be an effective leader. Having a dream and a vision will help a better society if your passionate about doing the right things in being an effective leader. Having confidence in yourself so you can become or do whatever you like. Having good manners or respect towards everyone just makes you a good person. So, did any of these three points help? Would you like more information on, What makes an effective leader?

Task Description - This week we are practicing, Explanation Writing. Because next week Thursday we have our writing test and our main writing topic or genre is Explanation Writing. So this week we had to write about, What makes an effective leader? And I am a leader myself so I just took my three main points from what I know about what I have to do when I have to be a leader.

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

K-Pop History

Today we are learning about the K-Pop history and how K-Pop came to be. Before K-Pop was invented some Korean people wondered how they can make people from around the world like or want to listen to Korean music. So this man had this genius idea, to start up his own studio/company and find unique and attractive Korean men to be in a Korean bot band. But this guy wasn't the only one who had this type of idea. But there were also some restrictions and the Korean boys that were found on the street had to agree and sign a contract. There were some very strict rules on the contract and when they signed the contract they were pretty much saying, "you have full access to my life". If they broke the contract they could never rejoin to be a Korean star/idol. Their food/diet was very strict as well like they had to eat what their boss told them to eat.

But the main thing they had to find about Korean boys was that they had to be very attractive and it didn't matter if they could sing or not. If their boss didn't like the way they looked they would make them get plastic surgery but only if they had signed the contract, that was basically saying "you have access to my life". Now days most people from around the world listen to K-Pop because of how catchy the beats are and how creative their music videos can be. But I think that some people should still acknowledge the traditional Korean dance. Because some people from around the world think that K-Pop is Korea's traditional thing. So Korean people should try keep their traditional culture alive so they remember how their ancestors originally performed.