Wednesday, 14 December 2016


Hi Fans this will be my last blog post at my school. Also Happy early Christmas because it is my holidays coming up and I will try my best to do some more blogging at home in the holidays. BYE FANS I WILL MISS YOU.

Ash the Christmas Tree's HOLIDAY.

WALT: Merry Christmas
Ash lived in a shed until Christmas came. His family pulled him out but with no decorations. He was lonely because the family has gone. He heard  a car “it must be them he said”.  His family had decorations a put them on him. 2 o'clock in the morning Ash sneaked out and ran away because he was bored.

That day it was cold snowing Ash couldn’t feel a thing because he was just a tree. Until he started to have a holiday. He was walking in the cold with a Santa hat. On Christmas eve Ash saw a flying deer with a bright red nose and leading behind them Ash saw a big shiny red sled with boxes in it and in the front seat he saw a person and he looked closely and he couldn’t believe it because he saw SANTA! It was silent until he heard “HO HO HO merry Christmas everyone” yelled Santa.

Ash's eyes sparkled like crystals it was magnificent to see Santa. “Excuse me SANTA can I have a ride with you and help please” YELLED ASH! “MEET me on the top of the sky tower” said santa. “Oh YES YES I WILL BE THERE SOON” ASH replied. “Bye see you there” said Santa “Oh yes you to” said Ash. Ash ran into the elevator and he was on the 3rd level he went up the stair to get on the top. He was there Santa. “Oh come in hop in I do need some help” said Santa.

Ash was in Santa said “let’s go to the north pole I will show you around” said Santa. Ash couldn’t speak he was excited and he was even frozen until they got to the north pole. Ash saw a circle around Santa's sled and a ipad on a stand. Santa pushed this red button and said “OPEN UP” said Santa. “Stay in the sled tree” said Santa. “Oh my name is Ash by the way” said Ash while he was going down. Santa jumped in one spot and he got sucked down a tube it was extremely fast.

“WOW” said Ash while going down in the sled. He got to the bottom and just saw a bunch of elves wrapping presents making presents getting present all sort of stuff. Ash's eyes sparkled like crystals it was magnificent he was so surprised and he never knew Santa Claus and elves were real be cause normally in Christmas eve he is asleep and he thinks that family’s  buy presents for each other. But no he was wrong. “Oh Ash can you be my Christmas tree helper please I need you” said Santa.

Now that Ash saw Santa properly because he was frozen on their way to the north pole anyway he saw Santa's big thick white beard Santa's hat Santa's buckle with SC that stands for Santa Claus. “Wow” said Ash. “Hi Welcome to the north pole why don’t I show you around” said one of the elves. “My name is Creek I love Christmas because you get really cool presents from Santa everyone get’s a present in the world” Creek said. “What about you” Creek said to Ash. “Oh my name is Ash and because I am a Christmas tree I love watching people opening presents” Ash says.

As they were walking down the hallway Ash saw big present’s and they were like a kayak with a paddle and a few go karts and Ash said “can I get a present on Christmas day”. “Oh yeah sure I will tell Santa” said Creek. “Tell me 5 things you would like” Creek said. “What I only want 1” Ash said. “Oh no we will just choose one out of those five so you won’t know OK” said Creek “OHHHHH OK” replied Ash. “So tell me what you would like” said Creek. “Ummmmmmm” Ash said. “Oh we don’t have anything called ummmmmmm” Creek said “No I am thinking” said Ash. “Oh I know what about a go kart that is one and a ipad with ipad case and a laptop please” Ash said.

The next day Ash opened his eyes seeing a steering wheel 4 wheels on the ground and a seat. He opened his eyes wider to see what was he actually seeing. His eyes were opened wider and he saw a GO KART and he hoped in it and drove it away. Ash was never to be seen again.

Task Description: I wrote a Christmas story it is about a Christmas tree seeing Santa and his name is Ash. Ash is also having a holiday he went to the north pole why don't you go with him. He is having a lot of fun I suggest you see what he is up to.