Thursday, 24 September 2015


PLAN INTRODUCTION. A volcanologist studies on volcanos. Being a volcanologist is hazardous because it could erupt and you might die. It is always important to not go too close to it cause it might pop up and you might get some lava on you and you gonna have to go to the hospital. If the hot steaming rises up it is going to erupt from a volcano. WHAT DOES A VOLCANOLOGIST WEAR? Depend on what the volcanologist is doing they wear vary clothing. One of their clothing is silver and it is like a astronaut suit. It will push the hot heat away from the suit. They sometimes need a breathing apparatus oxygen tank. HOW DO YOU BECOME A VOLCANOLOGIST? You need to be able to know what to do. You need carriage to become one. A volcanologist needs practise to study so they know what to do. WHAT SORT OF PERSON DO NEED TO BE? Be a brave person not a panic person. Need to be strong healthy smart all kind of things like that. They need to be fit strong. You need to be trustworthy and kind. You need to know what to do and don’t mess up. So you CONCLUSION Being a volcanologist can be dangerous because the lava might splatter up to you. Being a volcanologist is not my thing so when I grow up. I probably not do this job when I grow up cause I do not want to get burned or accidently make a volcano explode in my town or someone else.

Monday, 21 September 2015

cross country

Pt England had cross country we went like this. Year 1 boys go first then we went year 1 girls then year 2s 3s then suddenly it was our turn the year 4 girls. The year 4 girl went to the start line we all put our feet together behind the line. Mr Burt had a clapper he said on your marks get set go!!!.

I ran and ran till 2 girls slipped and bam fell in the mud I jumped over the mud and I did not fall I was almost in front but some girls caught up to me and ran past me. While I was running I went fast I was gasping for breath my face was hot it felt red as I was running I tried not to walk but I think I only walked about 2 1 times. When I  ran out to the big field where pt england beach was I started to stop when I was nearly to the finish line I was tired I tried and tried to get there but my 2 friends caught up to me and ran past me.

When I was finally at the end I went to go get a drink and i was tired as. I had muddy feet but  my mum was proud of me cause she got me a bracelet that said on it love daughter forever. But when I was doing cross country and I got up to the 2nd muddy puddle I ran on  the mud and it spattered. This girl name Chastyti fell in the 1st muddy puddle but I never did cause I walked on the mud.

The school is in each teams green red yellow and blue I am in green each of the teams get name green is matatua red is te arawa yellow is takitimu blue is tainui. Yellow always win last year they won I hope my team win this time. Cause this boy keeps winning for takitimu yellow but we don't know which team won yet so I wish it was matatua green. But whatever colour team you are in you have to bring a t shirt that is red green yellow and blue. So teachers peoples know what team you are in. I wear a green t shirt but it is old my t shirt is my family one it is to little for me now so at cross country I just weared my uniform and I ran in them. When I was running I was tired it was fun I was glad that I ran a whole field then next a big half field but I did not come 1st 2nd 3rd I nearly came 3rd but I didn't.

The End

Friday, 11 September 2015

My Tessalation

Emily's Wonderful Pie

Emily’s Wonderful Pie by Jane Cornish A girl named Emily had a squishy squashy and mincey to munch flakey bakey crispy to crunch pie that she ordered for lunch. Emily had a friend named Liz she licked her lips and ask can i have some squishy squashy and mincey to munch flakey bakey crispy to crunch pie please i will be your best friend Emily said all right then she said took a bite but a big bite for lunch. Then suddenly a boy name Tom came over can i have some pie please Emily. He had a bite of her squish squashy and mincey to munch flakey bakey crispy to crunch yummy pie. Along came Lou with a smile can I have a bite pretty please so Emily said, “Okay Just a bite.” She had a bite. Miss Rose the teacher came down the hall with a ravenous sniff down the caridol sniff sniff sniff yum pie she went to Emily hi Emily said Miss Rose can I have a bite cuddling beside her can I have some please all right Emily said Miss Rose took a munch yummy thank you for the crunchy yummy pie Miss Rose said. Emily moaned oh no little bit left she stopped wait this is a trick so she went and asked this other girl had a doughnut. Emily said can I have some of your doughnut please Emily said.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Better work stories

A pilot is a person who flies planes. Pilots works in the air.  Being a pilot is a big job you have to fly people to countries safely.

How you become a Pilot!!!!
To get a job like this you need to be careful when you fly a plane. You need to learn how to fly a plane and make sure you pass your test or if you do not pass you might not get the job.

A pilot has to have certain characteristics.!!!!  
 Pilot needs to be focus they need to be brave and on time so people do not miss their flight. A pilot needs to have carriage they have to not panic when they are going to crash.
Why I Would Take This Job!!!!
I would love this job if  I really got it when I grow up. I will not quit so I can take my family to special places to.