Thursday, 24 September 2015


PLAN INTRODUCTION. A volcanologist studies on volcanos. Being a volcanologist is hazardous because it could erupt and you might die. It is always important to not go too close to it cause it might pop up and you might get some lava on you and you gonna have to go to the hospital. If the hot steaming rises up it is going to erupt from a volcano. WHAT DOES A VOLCANOLOGIST WEAR? Depend on what the volcanologist is doing they wear vary clothing. One of their clothing is silver and it is like a astronaut suit. It will push the hot heat away from the suit. They sometimes need a breathing apparatus oxygen tank. HOW DO YOU BECOME A VOLCANOLOGIST? You need to be able to know what to do. You need carriage to become one. A volcanologist needs practise to study so they know what to do. WHAT SORT OF PERSON DO NEED TO BE? Be a brave person not a panic person. Need to be strong healthy smart all kind of things like that. They need to be fit strong. You need to be trustworthy and kind. You need to know what to do and don’t mess up. So you CONCLUSION Being a volcanologist can be dangerous because the lava might splatter up to you. Being a volcanologist is not my thing so when I grow up. I probably not do this job when I grow up cause I do not want to get burned or accidently make a volcano explode in my town or someone else.

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