Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Dear John Key

Pt England School 130 Pt England Road Pt England Auckland NZ Thursday August 25th 2016 Dear Prime Minister, Kia ora I’m a year 5 student at Pt England School. My name is Paikea and I am going to tell you about the garbage problem in New Zealand. This is important because people can get sick because of the amount of rubbish in NZ. You must read the entire letter so you know more about what I want to tell you. The problem I have is that there are plenty of rubbish down the drain because people keep dropping rubbish down the drains. You need to stop it. We can get sick by this rubbish it is bad for us and not really good. I don’t want to be sick by this rubbish. We want to be healthy in New Zealand instead. John key you should give people fines if they drop rubbish on purpose and do not pick it up. You should have cameras around to catch people because then they will have to pay a fine. It is up to you but New Zealand will get sick really badly. You might even get sick. You should do this because it is not good for us and we can get a really bad sickness. You also need to try and keep Nz clean and tidy. It can also kill a lot of our beautiful sea birds. By the birds thinking that there is fish under water but it is actually a piece of rubbish. By Paikea Kind Regards

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Walt: synthesise information from multiple sources
 Task Description: This is my advice blog I have did a letter two my friend James yodde and I have gave him lots of advice. His younger brother is Chris Yoddle and I have also been giving him advice. If you need advice come straight to me.