Monday, 25 September 2017

Cybersmart Monday Madness#

                                                      Cybersmart Monday Madness#
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Alien Description.

Walt: use describing words when writing character descriptions
Task Description: We had to describe the characters. It was hard because we didn't know the weird thing on the Aliens.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Civilization - Paideia Seminar

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On Tuesday the 19th of September the 5&6 extension class had a Paideia Seminar after lunch. The topic was 'Is being civilised such a good thing?'  I think that I tried harder then my last Paideia Seminars and I talked a lot more. I think I could of prepared myself and done a bit more research and have more information. 

Next time we have another Paideia Seminar I will prepare myself a bit more and brainstorm lot's on a piece of paper. Next time I will also try and link to other peoples ideas and add or have a challenge. In my group was Hinerangi, Amelia, Me and Justice.

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Task Description: This is my reflection on the year 5&6 extension Paideia Seminar. I have explained what I did, what I did better than the last Seminars and what I could do better next time.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Stardome PMI

Walt: We are learning to do a PMI.
Task Description: This is my PMI about our trip to Stardome. A PMI stands for Positive paragraph, M stands for something you didn't enjoy or like, I stands for something interesting that happened. 

Stardome Trip!

Walt include a variety of sentence types in our writing

On Thursday September the 14th half of room 8 and 7 went to Stardome at One Tree Hill. We went to Stardome to learn more about space because our theme for Term 3 is Guardians of the Galaxy.  Have you ever been to Stardome before?

When we arrived at CornWall Park Mr Goodwin gave us 20 minutes to play on the park. It was fun and had a mini train. Everyone was playing on everything. I just tried to have lots of fun and tried to get on everything but unfortunately I couldn't. I went on this slide that I wish was longer but I still had lots of fun.

After our little fun we went entered Stardome. We had to go in this little room where this man talks to us about the 8 planets in the Solar System.  The man that was taking us taught us about Gas Giants. The Gas Giants planets are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. Those 4 planets have only Gas it the planet and no rocks at all so it is not possible to stand on. We had a quiz and my group of girls got the answers right and fast.   

On our way to the next room I saw laid down chairs that looked comfy as. I was so excited to watch the little clip. After the movie clip I went straight to sleep while the man was showing space and the stars. I wanted to look but I was too tired and kept sleeping.

I learnt about Gas Giants and Other planets. I had fun and I would like to go to Stardome again it is cool and I learnt lot’s. Next time I go I will be excited to watch a new movie clip again then go to sleep, just like I did on Thursday.

Task Description: This is my recount about our trip to Stardome. Before we wrote our recount we thought of some vocabulary for our story to make it interesting. After that we wrote our story and went hard, then we check our punctuation and make sure that it made sense.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Boxing Shoes!

Image result for adidas boxing shoes blackImage Attribution:

It is cyber smart Monday today so we are learning to Attribute other peoples pictures.  We also learnt that if you don't Attribute you could get a fine or in trouble.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Mars One Project Astronaut Profile.

Walt: make connections with what we read, and what we have read before
Task Description: This is my Mars One Project Astronaut Profile. I had to fill out Joseph's details for him to join in the mission to travel to Mars. I used Pixlr Editor to draw Joseph and had fun. 

Tuesday, 5 September 2017


Walt: structure a recount

Last week on Friday we had our cross country running race. It was really hot, but really muddy and wet. Have you ever done cross country before?

Before the year 6 girls raced we played games and chatted a lot. I was really nervous, but excited at the same time. I watched some of the little kid’s racing and it was interesting. I enjoyed playing hand games with my friends. I was happy seeing my Mum my aunty my nana and my sister coming to support me. Suddenly Mrs Nua  came and called the year 6 girls to follow her to the start line. On Your Marks….. Get Set…... GO! The clapper went CLAP!

I sprinted my way around the first cone it was muddy and went all over my legs, SPLAT! I ran on the bike track and out of the gate we went. It was so muddy I thought my shorts were covered in mud. I found it hard running in the mud because my feet kept getting stuck. I was tired and exhausted I didn’t want to stop at all so I continued.

Near the finish line my friend Amelia was in front of me I wanted to gas her before we finish the race. I sprinted my hardest and boom I just got past and came 6th, Amelia came 7th. I was so happy because I completed the race. I went straight to the water station because I was thirsty,and then went to my mum and sister and said hi, they said that they were very proud of me.

I learnt that I should not sprint in the start and jog then sprint the other half. I will do that next time or I will just practice more and sprint the whole way next year. I will also try harder so I can get closer to the person that’s in the lead.

Task Description: This is my recount about Pt England Cross Country. Room 7 had to make our writing interesting. Please Leave a positive comment below.