Tuesday, 5 September 2017


Walt: structure a recount

Last week on Friday we had our cross country running race. It was really hot, but really muddy and wet. Have you ever done cross country before?

Before the year 6 girls raced we played games and chatted a lot. I was really nervous, but excited at the same time. I watched some of the little kid’s racing and it was interesting. I enjoyed playing hand games with my friends. I was happy seeing my Mum my aunty my nana and my sister coming to support me. Suddenly Mrs Nua  came and called the year 6 girls to follow her to the start line. On Your Marks….. Get Set…... GO! The clapper went CLAP!

I sprinted my way around the first cone it was muddy and went all over my legs, SPLAT! I ran on the bike track and out of the gate we went. It was so muddy I thought my shorts were covered in mud. I found it hard running in the mud because my feet kept getting stuck. I was tired and exhausted I didn’t want to stop at all so I continued.

Near the finish line my friend Amelia was in front of me I wanted to gas her before we finish the race. I sprinted my hardest and boom I just got past and came 6th, Amelia came 7th. I was so happy because I completed the race. I went straight to the water station because I was thirsty,and then went to my mum and sister and said hi, they said that they were very proud of me.

I learnt that I should not sprint in the start and jog then sprint the other half. I will do that next time or I will just practice more and sprint the whole way next year. I will also try harder so I can get closer to the person that’s in the lead.

Task Description: This is my recount about Pt England Cross Country. Room 7 had to make our writing interesting. Please Leave a positive comment below.

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