Tuesday, 5 April 2016

My fun Camp Experience.

Walt: organize my ideas into paragraphs and link them together
 Last Week year 5 & 6 went on camp. Mr Sommerville told us where we need to go and what to do. We went on a school camp we were there for 3 days. Camp has been running for 26 years now.

 The camp is on the field all students meet in our big tent when eat or we switch rotations. In room 7, 6, and 8 the big space we did camp practice. Camp practice is when we dance to a song for our camp concert.

 My first highlight was when we were playing in the hall in the hall was all thought of things. My number 1 thing I liked playing in the hall was rollerblading around in the hall it was fun. I was also going up and down the breeze. I liked it because it is just fun rollerblading.

 My 2nd Highlight was the concert night. The concert was on Wednesday night. I liked it because we got water guns and we got to shoot all the other teams it was funny. At the end we just found out that the Kind legends won the concert.

 I am a year 5 so yay I am going to camp next year can't wait because camp is fun. I think that camp is fun because you get to wear mufti and also do fun activities. I recommend you to talk to your school because camping is so fun but you may not sleep through the night but it is so fun I am recommending you to go on a camp 2 or even more days.

Task Description: I have wrote of what I did at camp and this is about camp. It has my favorite things that I did at camp and stuff like that. Hope you enjoy.


  1. It's great to hear you had tons of fun and you're teachers did amazingly well to have so many fun filled activities for all the campers. I thought you're camp concert was brilliant, we enjoyed all the items and games. Yay :) you get to enjoy another camp next year :) Nice writing Paikea :)

  2. I liked reading about all the activities you did at camp Paikea it sounds like you had an awesome time