Thursday, 20 April 2017

Fate of the Furious.

Task Description: You need to watch this if you watched or seen Fast & Furious 8 can you please comment your funniest bit and if you read my story properly you might spot my funniest thing in the movie. Oh and your best part your favorite part of the movie. In my story it also say my favorite bit. Hope you like my story. Please leave a positive comment about my story.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Create Air Planes.

Walt:Create different sorts of planes and test them out.
Task Description: I created air planes out piece of paper and  tested them out to see which one is better. I choose the bullet plane because it went through the air neatly and did not have a rough flight when I tested it.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Easter is coming up.

Easter is coming up and I just wanted to show you a picture of me with my flake Easter egg. Happy Easter! I hope all of you's will at least get a Easter egg from your family. When I was eating my Easter egg it was yummy. I let the yummy chocolate melt in my mouth. It was delicious. But t was way too much so I gave it to my dad.

What is a Estuary?

                                                           What is a Estuary?

The Estuary is a river that leads to the ocean and opens up. It's also when fresh water meets salt water.  So pretty much the tidal mouth of a large river, where the tide meets the stream. Here is a picture to show you underneath. In Omaru creek in New Zealand Auckland Glenn Innes the water in Omaru creek was polluted. People are the only ones that may have polluted our Tamaki creek. It is Anzac day and we can serve New Zealand by cleaning our creek to make it cleaner than it is.

Task description: There is a link on the Omaru creek click Omaru if you want to see what happened to our creek. You have to click the blue writing that say's Omaru. Click there for info. Please leave a positive comment on this post. There is a Omaru creek picture that leads into Pt England beach out to the ocean by the habour bridge.
Image result for EstuaryImage result for Omaru creek

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Paideia Seminar

On Thursday 6th April, 2017 we had our first Paideia Seminar and we had to do a lot of preparation for it. I felt proud to speak in front of everyone and I knew about my topic which was being a Kaitiaki of our school environment.

Caretakers and Pollution

Our movie is about the caretakers. At extension our topic was about pollution and this term my group researched all about caretakers and how they deal with pollution at our school. We were lucky enough to interview Mr Jacobsen and he told us lots. I found out lot's of ways to make our school more environmentally friendly.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Statistical In vestigation.

Task Description: We are learning ways to do statistical investigation. Also how to work it out.

Eating Insects.

WALT engage the reader by using interesting vocabulary.  

Have you ever ate dead crickets before? Well Thursday morning it wasn’t an ordinary day. That morning we found out what we were doing I was scared. I couldn’t believe it we were eating dead crickets. We were having a PES Fear Factor.

Mrs Stickland said “On your marks get set GO”. I was too scared to touch or eat one. My friends grabbed one and just chucked it in their mouth. I was like are you serious, I kept repeating myself what does it taste like is it yuck.  I was trying to force myself to eat at least one. But NO I didn’t.
I would like to try it but I just need time.  I never knew my friends will just pick a dead cricket up and eat it.  I would only eat one but not another.  While I was sitting down  I saw this boy Nytram just take a bunch and threw the entire crickets in his mouth. Next he puked.
Task Description:Our class ate crickets it was yuck!