Thursday, 13 April 2017

What is a Estuary?

                                                           What is a Estuary?

The Estuary is a river that leads to the ocean and opens up. It's also when fresh water meets salt water.  So pretty much the tidal mouth of a large river, where the tide meets the stream. Here is a picture to show you underneath. In Omaru creek in New Zealand Auckland Glenn Innes the water in Omaru creek was polluted. People are the only ones that may have polluted our Tamaki creek. It is Anzac day and we can serve New Zealand by cleaning our creek to make it cleaner than it is.

Task description: There is a link on the Omaru creek click Omaru if you want to see what happened to our creek. You have to click the blue writing that say's Omaru. Click there for info. Please leave a positive comment on this post. There is a Omaru creek picture that leads into Pt England beach out to the ocean by the habour bridge.
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