Thursday, 29 October 2015


On a Thursday it was cold day room 11/12 played non stop cricket. Walking outside we saw a game set but we did not knew what we were playing it was like a surprise game. Room 12 was the fielders and room 11 was the batter's we were in teams. Suddenly it was my turn to bat I went up to the front. I hit the ball fiercely boom there it goes down the field. You have to hit two balls I hit the next one but I also accidentally hit the cone to. Waiting in the back of the line Mr Moran said switch over. Room 11 is fielders now and room 12 is batters. This boy hit the ball amazingly far. But I caught it as I was sprinting to the ball the grass was wet so I skidded across the grass like the ball did to. I sprinted to put the ball back on one of room 12s teams cone. I caught more than two balls I wanted to get heaps. I was going to get a ball from this boy's big hit. But it went too far zoom to the back of the field. I like being the fielders cause I like catching the ball heaps of times. I had fun at playing non stop cricket. But when I was walking to line up it was windy and cold. Luckily we were sprinting around to warm us up. On the way to class it was hot by then. Wow my face is red.


On a Wednesday morning room 11/12 went to play athletics. Lining up for athletics I was excited. We had 3 rotations we all went yaaaaaaaa cause we are doing 3 stations games. Walking outside it was warm outside it felt like medium outside but it was a little bit cold. Walking in a line to the field Ms King sent us off to our stations. I am in room 11 so room 11 went to the gumboot throw station. There were all other things you can trow. Like tennis balls ball in a sock sacks. Room 11 went to gumboot throw first. I threw the ball in the sock and it didn’t go far but I was happy of what I did it was funny. Room 12 did other vary rotations athletics games. When I threw the gumboot it went far. Ms King had a medium bell. She told us that while Ms King rings it we have to swop stations. Suddenly I heard a noise I realized that it was the bell. Ms Squires told the class come on line up going to next station. I lined up and yaaaaaaaa we are going to play basket ball. We walked over to the next station. Room 11 played on the basketball court. Ms Squires put us in teams I wanted to be In my cousin team. Finally when I was in my team I was in my cousin team again yaaaaaaaa. Suddenly it was my turn I got a pink ball I looked at the hoop I pushed the ball and boom I got it in. I think I was lucky cause I kept getting it in but ohhhhh I missed just once only one time. Luckily I got it in every other time yaaaaaaaa. Finally I heard a ding dong ding dong. The bell I lined up for the last rotation. We played sack race. We had to jump in the sack it was a relay. On my way back hopping I fell and hit my knee on the grass. It hurt but heaps of other people fell too. In my group there was only 3 people so I had to do it twice. While I was doing it twice I came back with a saw shoulder. It hurt also. It is hard jumping up and down twice. We had to go to the cone and go around then hop back to your team.