Tuesday, 5 July 2016

My warrior

Hine’s tough heart pounded after hearing the stomping noise. She looked around fearlessly as she quietly took a step towards the bush. Suddenly a giant bird came out of nowhere from behind the tall trees. Gloria had been hunting for food but as soon as the moa came out, another ten appeared. What was she going to do? She killed them so she wouldn’t get attacked by them.
Suddenly she saw a dark person in the green bushes she wasn’t shore what it was. But it was a warrior that was like her. He was hunting for food but one really bad thing is that he is bad. She looked back down one more bite of my dinner she said evilly. Hine quietly picked up her taiaha she quickly stood up her pointy part of her taiaha was facing down towards the ground. The man came out argh said Hine she ran towards him she felt like that she was going to split apart but no the man did “Take that”  Hine said and sat back down to eat her dinner.
When Hine finished her food she saw more and more and more men they were warrior’s. Boom Bam Ka-pow with one swoop of her powerful taiaha all the men fell to the ground groaning in pain. Hine became the strongest warrior in all of the land.
Hustling and bustling through them she jumped into space ready to fight. ‘Zoom zoom’ her taiaha went round and round and round.  Up she jumped while the pointy part of her taiaha went straight into a bird. It squawked loudly before dying.   

She only dragged one bird down the barky rough forest floor for dinner. She got her fire ready and cooked the bird she ripped it open wide grabbed a slimy piece her mouth opened wide and big and a big mmmmm in her head.