Tuesday, 31 March 2015


On a hot sunny day Pt England went to the Pt england beach. There was a sand castle competition. We had a swim and jumped off the rock. Mr Burt did a bomb off it. There were heaps of games to play. We played with clay on the rock at the other side it was slimy & slippery. I liked the clay it was weird it was like sand. The water was yuck it taste like salt the water was salty as. I had fun making sand castles. It was cool. There was all kind of castles. mermaids castles. When we went out of the gate we felt excited and happy. Because it was sunny, not raining.  And we got to play at the beach and have a swim.

Friday, 20 March 2015

My sister birthday

In the weekend on saturday i had a party for my sister 21th birthday.
My family went to Piha for her birthday. We went to a cafe down the road. I had a sasageroll for breakfast. On  saturday i went to the beach the waves was big. I flipped over to the shallow part it was strong.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Paikea Happy face Biscuit

The weather was raining. We thought it was going to be sunny. But it was raining in the morning. Miss Thomson was telling us what to use for the right thing on our cookie faces. When we were at the table she gave us the ingredients. I was waiting  to put ingredients on. Decorating my biscuit it was exciting. Making my biscuit it was tricky to put the icing on.
These are the ingredients that i use for my cookie snake lollies  sprinkles  choc chip m&ms and icing. Eating my cookie it was yummy. The icing was melting in my mouth. I took the lollies off and ate it. I felt excited.