Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Fiafia Night.

Walt: organise my ideas into paragraphs and link them together.
Pt England had Fiafia have you ever been to one? It was cool and really exciting but shivering cold and some kids were nervous and scared. It was cool watching the performances that we had practiced.

 Our entire school has fiafia on April the 7th 2016. Fiafia is when we are performing our culture groups in front of the school and our parents. We had got a big stage set up for us out on our school field it was big and it had bright lights to shine on us when we perform.

 I had chosen cook Island because my dad is cook island that is my culture to. Cook Island had drums so the dancers can dance to the beat. My costume colors were light blue lava lava yellow flower necklace and a hair flower to go in my hair bun. My group was last it was cold and I got so tired.

 There was one group that I was really excited for and waiting for it was the hip hop group from the year 4s to 6s. I liked this group the most because the hip hop kids were dancing to a song that matches to their dance it was so cool this was my number one group and the songs even changed. I knew all the songs they danced to. I have been practicing every Thursday and 5 or 6 weeks.

 Fiafia was cool watching all performances I liked the culture dances it was amazing. Some of them went hard and tried their best. I was just excited of watching the performances and couldn't wait for my group to jump on the stage it was the exciting coolest night ever I had fun.

Task Description: We had to write about our school fiafia. I had told you that how long we been practicing and what fiafia is. Here is a photo for a example.

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