Friday, 24 July 2015

Immersion Assembly

On Monday morning we had our immersion assembly. Immersion assembly tells us what our new topic this term is. We had it in the hall. When I walked in Mr Burt was an auctioneer. Suddenly I heard a big booming noise with his hammer. He was selling toys to us. Team 1 teachers went to the market to buy veggies and other stuff. Team 1 bought chocolate and they scrambled the chocolate to us it was fun i nearly got 1 but my cousin got it. Team 2 went to the shop across the road and bought ice cream. I wish I was in team 2. They asked 3 or 4 questions if you get them right you win a ice cream. Team 3 did a ymca song and what you can be when you grow up. You can be a policeman firefighter pilot surgery builder and a mechanic. I felt excited about assembly when I walked through the door. I saw lots of thing going on it was cool.

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