Friday, 7 August 2015

Fire Fighters

Introduction FireFighters work hard in a team they never let their team down. They will always work as a team together and help one another at a time. Fire Fighters are brave and confidence to set the fire out. What FireFighters wear? Fire Fighters wear boots and fire proof jackets Firefighters also wear gloves so they don't get a cut in the building . They will need a oxygen tank for them to breath in the fire. FireFighters wear a yellow helmet with a visor to protect their face so no smoke gets in their eyes or no heavy things hit their head. What do they do? FireFighters are strong and brave they extinguish fire. They will be confidence and help their team. Fire Fighters help people and rescue them. Firefighters attend accidents at all times they attend accidents by repping the car with a medal thing to save people who had a crash and got stuck in their car. Firefighter Characteristics FireFighters works bravely in fire because they are always doing there best. A strong firefighter !!! does weight lifting and exercising. A fit firefighter is healthy brave and strong. How does a firefighter becomes a firefighter? FireFighters works hard and train every week. They become healthy by eating salad vegetables and a healthy sandwich. To become a firefighter you must train and practise how to save people.

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