Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The red witch

Strolling along a solitary man just had lunch. He was walking in a large room full of boxes. As the man noticed a spot on his tie he licked his hand and wiped it off. While he did it suddenly a box came out of no where and hit him on the eye. Furiously he kicked the box after he did it he saw a shiny box it was a strange box he tried pushing it and it wouldn’t move he did harder it is still as. He tried jumping on it and he couldn’t get up then he saw a towering boxes he climbed and climbed he got to the top of the boxes he went for a big jump and hit his head on the box then flipped to the ground. As he opened his eyes he saw a red button underneath he was wondering what would happen if he pushed it so he moved his head out just in case he will get hurt and he pushed the switch. Nothing happened for a while but then it started spinning fast jumping up and down like it was dancing. The man got up and it sucked his tie in he pulled and pulled until his feet got sucked in he pulled his feet out and his body got sucked in. He was gone but his hand came out so he could try to get out but he was stuck and gone it pushed him out and he turned into a box with ties on as a picture or stickers then it turned white and he was never seen again and he was a box. the end

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