Friday, 4 December 2015


Spikyosaurus has lots of spikes everywhere but only on its head and back. It is a really spiky dinosaur. The teeth are sharp as its spike on the spikyosaurus. Spikyosaurus is a carnivore that is why the teeth are sharper than any other dinosaur. He can be good with many other thing not just his spikes. Spikyosaurus has five important spikes on his tail if they fall off that will be bad because it will never grow back again. But his tail with the five spikes on the end are to defend himself his tail is more important than any of his body. If one comes off then he will have only four left. But the good thing is that they will only grow little tinys ones. His teeth are sharp as so that must makes him a carnivore. Spikyosaurus eats other big dinosaurs but he is the largest. His teeth are strong that when he sees a lake he put some in the water then spit it out he is washing and cleaning his mouth out like how human use mouthwash but spikyosaurus in fact he has clean teeth cause what he does. Spikyosaurus is really good at sniffing when he see a footprint he would smell it and he will just straight away know what dinosaur it is. So he will try and hunt that dinosaur. He will make his way keep on smelling him to catch him.

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