Friday, 28 October 2016

Into The Deepest Under Ground Cave.

Walt: write a narrative Walt: demonstrate understanding of a number of strategies and skills for writing

 Two men name Andrew and Jackson are on a extreme adventure inside a cave. They both ran down the little hill that takes you underground there was a hole for them to go through it took them deeper and deeper. Andrew was so excited because it is his first time going on adventure but when Jackson was a little boy him and his dad use to go on fun adventures. They always would take a weapon to protect them from a bear or something. But Andrew also loves science and he is really good like Mr Bax.

 The next day they got up really early and Andrew found a rock looking like a shoe it was a funny looking boot he kept it inside his camping bag. They kept moving it just got darker and darker. Jackson said “lucky I brought torches for us”. Andrew said “oh we should have a break or even go back it is a little too dark”. “Oh yeah we have been walking for long as aye” said Jackson. “ Yeah wait which way did we come from” said Andrew. “Umm I think this way i’m pretty shore this way” said Jackson. “I agree” said Andrew “let’s go then said” Jackson. Suddenly all was there was a wall Andrew and Jackson turned around until.

 Andrew remembered that he has been making marks so they know there way back out. The ran the other way and to where they slept. Andrew and Jackson were puffing they did run fast but not as fast as Usain Bolt. “Look over there it is one of the marks you did” said Jackson. They both followed each mark but it was night because it say on Jackson’s i phone the weather app. They went to sleep woke up again and found there way out. “I’m not going in there again” said Andrew “me to” said Jackson and they walked home.

Task Description: This is my writing called into the deepest under ground cave. My class did this together. We all picked something to do with going inside a cave. We all did something different. 

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