Friday, 18 March 2016

Little Red Wolf and the Big ad Girl.

Walt: retell a story with a significant twist
 Once lived friendly wolves that could talk. There was a little wolf named Little Red Wolf. She had red in her name cause she had a light red patch on her back like a cape but it was her fur.

 On a bright, hot sunny day little red wolf’s mum asked if she would like to give some bones to wonderful old grandma wolf. She replied to her mum, “yes mum I cant wait to see grandma wolf, she’s wonderful”. Mum replied “alright then, here is a basket full of bones to take with you”. While Little Red Wolf traveled in the deep dark creepy woods. Her mum yelled from the edge, “beware of the Big bad scary girl, with frizzy hair and stinky breath”. Then she saw pretty flowers she picked 5 and put them in the basket, and carried on her way.

 When Little Red Wolf got to her wonderful grandma wolf cave she knocked on the door. When she was waiting for her wonderful old grandma wolf to say come in my dear. Suddenly the Big bad freaky girl made it before Little Red Wolf. The girl had thrown grandma in the cupboard and locked her up. The girl got dressed as grandma said come in my dear she said in a strange voice.

 Little Red Wolf opened the door she went in quietly and said grandma what small teeth you have today and what small nose you what frizzy hairy you have. Then suddenly the big bad girl popped up in the bed gave little red wolf a fright. Little red wolf was angry and did her biggest roar at the girl and the big bad girl ran for her life.

 Once Little Red Wolf heard something she kept her mouth shut. Hello she said who's there. Little Red Wolf heard coming from the cupboard she opened it grandma are you ok Little Red Wolf said. Yes grandma replied and they gave each other a big huge hug and lived happily ever after.

Task Description: We are learning to do a story with a twist. We had to write a twist about little red riding hood we could change anything and any characters in our own story.

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