Wednesday, 4 May 2016


Walt: recount an event. 

Have you ever read a comic before? Because Team 4 studying and drawing about them. Comics is our topic this term really looking forward to it.

 Pt England’s theme is called “as I see it”. It is more likely about art. Team 1 is going to be doing their favorite things. They will probably draw their favorite things. Team 2 is doing seasons and learning about the colors in the seasons. Term 3 will be doing a lot of building this term but really fun houses and weird building. Team 5 is doing waka races. I wonder what kind of wakas they will have looking forward to be seeing there things they will be making.

 Team 4 is my team year 5, and 6s. We are going to be learning about comic books we may even make our own comic or even watch movies about comic books. At immersion assembly team 4 teachers made a movie called Ka-pow. The the 4 Venger teachers are Wondering Woman, Bat Guy, and Team Leader America. The baddie was Bear Baxendine.

 This term I hope we learn about super heroes. My favorite superhero is the Hulk, I hope we learn about the hulk. Im interested to read some comics, and create my own comic book.

 I am looking forward for making and creating our own comics really exciting. It is interesting of what my team is going to be doing. I am excited for doing alot of art this term and creating.
Task Description: My class has written a piece of writing of immersion assembly. We had did it as a class and used 10 minute timers for each paragraph

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