Thursday, 19 January 2017

MALO This Is My Trip To TONGA


I went to Tonga on the 6th of Jan I was gone for 6 days and came back to New Zealand on the 12th of Jan. I had fun as I was walking out of the plane it was hot and muggy when I got out of the plane. We went to Tonga with my aunty and my uncles family. But my uncles mum and dad lived in Tonga.

We went to Tonga for my uncles B-DAY. My uncles dad knew we were there for his birthday but he did not know that we were gonna have a special dinner and breakfast. We stayed in a hotel it wasn't really far from the Airport. My uncles mum and dad lived in Manuka but they stayed at the hotel with us.

We once went on the boat for a ride. I got wet because I sat in the real front with my uncles brother. At Tonga I saw some pig's and I also saw alot of dogs. The day before we left Tonga we went to the maket I bought a fan and a bracelet that they put my name on. I liked my bracelet very much and I liked my fan be cause it kept me cool. On that day we were leaving .

We left Tonga at 9 o'clock and arrived at NZ around midnight. When we were landing outside the window there was a beautiful view the lights were every where it was really pretty. I got Mc Donalds because I was starving. I had an amazing holiday.

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