Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Space Adventure.

Walt: structure a narrative piece of writing.
It is 4017 and my creative spaceship is finished I am going on a trip to a new planet for everyone in the world. I am going with my buddy the Talking Tiger. He is smart and acts like a human. My smart buddy Talking Tiger created most of this rocket ship it is big enough for 2 people. Me and Talking Tiger is looking for a new planet for people on earth. People are being disrespectful to the earth so we will find another planet immediately.

It has been weeks and we still haven't found the right planet. My plan is to find a planet half facing towards the sun and the other half towards the moon. We are about to go through some massive rocks and I will have to fly gently through them. The spaceship was small enough to fit through the small gaps. Suddenly…... BOOM! What a crash me and Talking Tiger hopped out and I also had a planet book in my pocket. Suddenly I saw some weird ALIENS!

Me and Talking Tiger heard an extreme yell “AHHHHHHHHHH”! It was squeaky and one of the alien yelled “HUMAN HUMAN HUMAN HUMAN” Talking Tiger said “i’m not a human I am a Tiger”. I said “it is alright we won’t hurt you at least you won’t hurt us lets just be friends and make peace PLEASE”. “Fine but don’t bring your evil weapons” the aliens said all together. I said “but we don’t have any" I replied. The aliens were too scared so they still locked us up.

“Ok I will make you a deal if the humans on earth can take your planet I can find you another planet…………ummmmm what about the Jupiter I will fly all of you there” I said. The Alien leader answered “Ok we could make that a deal but if it does not happen and you dont take us we will let you suffer without your astronaut mask” I replied “I promise it will happen”. The last problem is we need to fit all of you in the space ship it’s only big enough for two. “Me and Talking Tiger will go back home and make a massive space shipbig enough for the world and for all of you’s”. “Ok” the Alien said. “But Me and Talking Tiger will just need time we will also repay you snacks” I said. “Deal Deal Deal” the Alien said with excitement.

Arriving in the backyard it took two years to create another space ship. It was huge four times bigger than an elephant. Talking Tiger and I made our way back to the alien planet we got all the aliens evacuated and safely to the Jupiter planet. Then we made our way to the earth and got everything, we needed packed clothes and also traveled safely "back to the Alien planet" me and Talking Tiger said.
                                                             The End

Task Description: This is my future story 20 more years later. It is about me in the future and my pet smart Talking Tiger. If your reading this story try be clean do not disrespect earth be kind. Treat the earth the way you want to be treated. Because the world is dying and you could even die save the world. Please Leave a Positive Comment Below, Thank You.

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