Thursday, 17 May 2018

Tyler's Swimming Comp!

Walt - Use speech marks correctly in our writing.
“On your marks get set GO!” said the swimming organizer.
As Tyler dramatically dived into the swimming pool nervously.
Tyler’s heart pounded while coming up and out of the water. She gasped for air.
She sprinted the 50 meter pool like a extremely fast fish Tyler had smashed the
others and finished strongly.

Tyler was very proud her family and parents were very very proud she couldn't
be any happier in that moment. The other girls looked at her in a way to make her feel different
she had no idea what she did. Stacy her best friend walked over and said
“That was awesome you went so fast.” Tyler replied and said
“Yeah thanks but those girls are looking at me like I did something wrong.”
Stacy then said “ Who cares about them you won.”

A groups of girls were gossiping in the back room.
“Do you know that girl who swam yesterday at the swim comp.”
“Yea Tyler she was so slow you know I could beat her.” “Yeah right I could beat you and her.”  
Tyler was in the front row of the classroom waiting patiently for her classmates.
She turned her back stared at them then she turned around to the front.
Tyler heard whispers again about her Tyler stood up walked over to the bunch Tyler said
“You wanna talk about me why don’t you just say it to my face.” The girls remained silence.

On Tuesday Tyler had made a competition of her own.
She wanted to prove she is strong and she can beat the people who had said there faster than her she
made the race on a Thursday because she trains every other day. Two days later on Thursday she
was putting her cap and goggles on she was preparing to smash these gossiping girls there were
only 3 of them to beat.

“On your marks get set GO!” said Tyler’s dad. Tyler entered with a powerful confident dive,
while the others bellyfloped. “GO GO GO GO!” said Tylers mum and dad.
Tyler kicked fast and hard she pulled hard and fast she sprinted the hardest she could and had
finished under 20 seconds and took those other girls 2 minutes and 30 seconds. “Well done Tyler.”
said Stacy. Tyler replied “Thank’s.” As she huffed and puffed Tyler was so exhausted and just wanted

The day after the race. Tyler walked into her classroom a bunch of girls walked up to her and said
“Sorry for what we did you are fast and we know that you are fast you are extremely fast we just wish
that we were good like you.” Tyler said “Apology accepted but you know allI I did was lot’s of training all
the time, I can also teach you how to swim.” One of the girls said “NO thanks training all the time that
sounds HARD, were all good.” Tyler said “True I don’t like training myself it is hard but the only way
to be good, so are we friends or can we be friends.”
“Yeah of course.” All the girls replied at the same time.
Task Description: 
This is a story about a girl who has haters and who has people who love what she does .As myself I do swim and I do train all the time and it is hard and there are jealous people. If you couldn't find the problem in this story it is base on people or girls who gossip about a girl named Tyler and she is an incredible swimmer.

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