Monday, 2 July 2018

Inquiry Expo

Inquiry Expo
Kia Ora, Kia Orana, Hello and greetings, this is Paikea unfortunately I was away most fridays at school and I missed being able to create a project for the EXPO we were creating this to expose our project I was supposed to be in a group but I was away too many Fridays and wasn’t in a group I didn’t really know what anyone was doing so just finished my left over work.

Part 2--
The Idea 1 idea that would pop up in my mind would be about force when you push an object it creates force because you are forcing it to move. But I would make it more interesting and crazy in some way and a game that has to do with Force or maybe about equilibrium I would have something like a seesaw but small and when team 4 and team 5 comes look around I would say “One person on one side and the other person on the next side and see if you’s two are equal weight.” And if the people are equal that would be equilibrium and their weight is very similar.

Part 3--
Out of the two ideas I would do the equilibrium idea. I think it would be more interesting and easier to do as a project I could only pick one. So I thought the equal ide was better I would be really keen to do that and I would create a presentation with my group and put all my research and work into the presentation and have my audience read it and I would also put some information in my brain then tell the people face to face as well.

Part 4--
I think that my project would be a success and it would work perfectly or fine and it would turn out good so I believe that it would be right and it will turn out just how I want it to be like and I would only do this if my group agrees with me then it would be a good success.

Part 5--

Next time I would really want to be part of the Expo because looking outside looked very fun and exciting and people were having so much fun and the noise level was very loud and I wish I was at school on friday but I didn’t mind because creating this story was fun and a lot of precious.

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