Monday, 11 December 2017

100 years time....

100 YEARS LATER! Every town on earth was white green and blue, there were tall buildings and lots of different technology. It was a really interesting world and people could read other people's mind it is amazing how scientist do it.

The world has changed and getting bigger and bigger, the islands were the same and stayed beautiful. The Cook Islands, Tonga, Fiji and the other Islands didn’t have any special technology and that’s the way the islanders liked it. Nothing changed in the islands.

The world had a weird world and it wasn’t normal like back in 2017. Schools were boring and children had to do adult learning. Kids hated school but only smart kids enjoy hard learning. It was a funky world.

Everybody had their very own robot the robots were made to do anything. People were made to breathe any type of air only if they get a special injection they could hold their breath for almost two hours. People could also breathe any air on any planet outer space it was incredible.

Every waste rubbish got burnt in a big room and the rubbish will turn into ashes or go away after the people wet the rubbish, that is how the world didn’t get polluted. Cameras are everywhere spying on people so they don’t drop a single piece of rubbish. If someone spot’s someone dropping rubbish they get punished.

There were flying hover boards and flying cars everywhere. Towns had underwater travel trains to
get to other countries. There were luxury planes, trains and spa’s.

Task Description: This is just a free writing, I came up with random ideas and came up with this story. I had fun writing this story. I hope you enjoyed it.

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