Friday, 23 February 2018

My Visual Mhi

Task Description: This is my Visual Mihi First I am Cook Island and Maori, in the right hand corner I love my Whanau (FAMILY). In the left bottom corner is God&Jesus I love to pray every night sometimes I go to Life church on Sundays. I like Swimming I swim for Mount Wellington Swim Club. In the centre of my Visual Mihi I drew myself.


  1. Hi Paikea,

    You have designed a beautiful visual mihi - it shows lots about you and the things you like.

    1. Thank you Mrs Stone I really appreciate it,and do you have tips on what I can do better next time. Did I explain well enough for you to understand? Is it clear and could you understand the pictures straight away without reading my explanation. Thank You for your nice comment. What could I do better next time and is it good?