Tuesday, 14 February 2017

News Paper Tower.

Walt: write a recount about our experience.

Have you ever made a tower made out of newspaper free standing? Well guess what it was no ordinary day because, our class got into group’s and made a tower out of newspaper.  It was exciting.

Mr Goodwin was showing us a video. When I saw what the video was  before he played the video, I sneakily said to my friend “I have watched this before”  in a whisper. After the video Mr Goodwin said we have to try make the tallest tower made with newspaper.  It had to be free standing. I was excited and thinking it would be easy. Until we got to building.

Mr Goodwin gave us a paper and a pencil to write our plan. It was crazy and hard to try and figure out how to make it work. When we finished plan happily we thought it would be free standed we were excited to start. I was thinking we were gonna come first place and I liked our idea.

As soon as we started my freind and cut the newspaper in quarters and the others just crunch them up in balls but as my friend was putting it together. I realize it is not gonna work. I turned around and saw the other group’s one and it was tall but I knew it will fall because they were holding it. My group starting to roll up the paper and stack it. TIME was UP Mr Goodwin said “drop the towers” everyone dropped it and the towers fell to the ground but he gave us one more chance just 2 more minutes.

I now know that next time we need something to stand the tower. I also learnt not to roll to thin other wise it will bend and fall. My group came 3rd and the group that came 1st had a tall free standing newspaper tower. The group that came 2nd rolled it up and standed it. I am glad that we came 3rd.

Task Description: We created a tower made out of newspaper. It was a fun experience we had to do a recount about our experience we had. It was really fun. Please leave a comment.

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