Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Race

Walt: Learning hot to write a recount
Have you ever wrote a story about you running before? Well guess what Mr Goodwin said we were going to do a lame experience. I was a little excited.

Mr Goodwin told us to put our chrome books away on a table or somewhere safe. It was strange. Next he told us to line up outside the classroom. We walked quietly towards the field and stood between the goal post. I was thinking we were going to run across the field.

Mr Goodwin told us instructions he said from here we have to run to the other side of the goal post and back. He also said that we needed to be quiet for the other classes. I was like what. Next Mr Goodwin said we had to sprint and I knew I would get tired. Mr Goodwin said GO!

I sprinted to the goal post the grabbed pole turned around and started puffing. I started to jog half of the way back and then I sprinted the rest to get it over and done with. I dropped to the ground and puffing I was tired.  I did not like it so I hope we never do that ever again.

Mr Goodwin put us in line's he said “I'll put you in 2 lines and you will get a number 1 or 2. I was in line 1. The line were for which drinking fountain we had to go to. I felt thirsty and tired. The water made me stop puffing and I felt better.

Task Description: We had tell a recount about us running on the field. We also are practicing for a writing test tomorrow. I liked what I wrote. Please leave a comment.

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