Thursday, 27 September 2018

Team 5 Move Ya Body.

This Term we have been learning about our school theme Move Ya Body. At the start of the term our classes did a skill we have never tried before my class did ballet and we performed our ballet in front of our whole team it was fun. After we performed in front or each other we went into small groups and thought of our own skill we would like to learn and perform in front of team 3 and team 5. Most of the people in my class were struggling to come up with  skill so we only had two groups but the rest had plenty of groups. The people in my group were the people who didn't get to think of a skill and so some girls invited us to be part of their dance. Room 4 my class only got 1 and 1/2 week's to practice because our whole class was part of our film festival movie and we were filming every afternoon (make sure you watch it comes out)! We came up with this dance quite quickly but I kind of knew it already so it was pretty easy and I had fun on the day we had to perform.

To look for our movie we crated go on the Manaiakalani Site.

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